A Simple Key to Business Success

It seems so many people are working in their business and not on their business. Their life is consumed with doing things they don’t enjoy, they aren’t good at, or that aren’t making them any money.

Everyone should take a good inventory of their skills, talents and gifts and make sure that their daily work integrates these things that you enjoy, that you look forward to doing. If you hate paperwork, organization and book keeping – find someone who loves those things. Hire them to do what you don’t want to do and then start spending time doing the things you love working on. If you delegate these tasks, you’ll have more time to write or do the things that make you happy and the things that you are good at so your business can prosper!

I have seen many people who own businesses take care of menial tasks that they don’t enjoy and that aren’t making them any more money. But here is the key, don’t delegate these tasks to an individual who does not like them either – because the things you need to get done – won’t or they won’t get done correctly and this will cost you more time (and money) Make sure the people working with you or for you are assigned the tasks that energize them the most.

To have an all around prosperous business you need to be doing the things that you enjoy the most and the people working with you also need to be doing the things that they enjoy!

So stop working on things that are leaving your feeling unfulfilled, overwhelmed, stressed and unhappy and do what YOU love. Isn’t that a part of the reason you started your own business, so you could do your own thing, do work that was meaningful to YOU?

If you need help prioritizing your business and setting yourself up for success I am giving a complimentary “Business Success Analysis” – this session will leave you with a better understanding of what you need to be working on, what you need to be delegating, what actions will help increase your profits and get you feeling energized and excited again about the business you love!


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