Responsibility = Freedom + Flexibility

I am writing this blog today from Aspen, CO. We are up here for the long weekend attending the Aspen Jazz Fest. The freedom and flexibility that comes with being self-employed is a wonderful benefit, but with it comes responsibility.

I often get comments about my luxury of getting to really “play” in life and the freedom I have with my work. Freedom is one of my most important values and I take it very seriously. I have become extremely miserable when working in structured, 9 to 5 working atmospheres. I love the freedom and flexibility that being self-employed gives me, but I do not take advantage of it. I work hard and I work a lot, but I schedule my time so that I can get things done and still have time to enjoy life.

A huge part of the reason I work with self-employed business owners is because I believe everyone has the right, the power and the availability to work for themselves (if that is what they desire).

Many people also tell me that they could not work from home, and these people are the ones that do better working for someone else and under a structure.
But – if you are disciplined and know your responsibilities and what comes first, it is so easy to be self-employed, doing work you love, and loving your life at the same time. It is an incredible luxury!

The responsibility part comes in when procrastination or overwhelmed takes over. It is essential to prioritize your tasks in a way that allows you to get the most important things done.
So here are a few tips:

1. Know your peak working time. Schedule the tasks that require the most attention during your peak time and save other activities for off time

2. Delegate anything you don’t need to do personally

3. Set up systems, for example save copies of emails you use regularly for clients and save time in future from having to find the old emails or making new ones

4. Realize what things may not need to be done and let them go

5. Take breaks throughout your day, stretch, get up and walk around

Overall, it is your responsibility to optimize your time to maximize your profits. With this comes freedom and flexibility.


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