Nike Got It Right – “Just Do It!”

How true is Nike’s tag line – Just do it!

I have been thinking of this a lot and realize how critical action is for you and your business! And ironically, I feel even more energized at the end of the day when I have completed high payoff activites than when I get distracted by phone calls and emails all day and feel like the day was a big BLUR!

So here’s my simple recipe for action and just doing it!

Andrea’s Business Recipe for Action and Results:

Take a good night’s rest mixed with a dose of desire.

Stir in an action plan mixed with a dash of gratitude.

Spice it up by doing what you love and discard of the rest.

Simmer on your vision and your goals then turn up the oven and get cooking!

Serve with a cup of your favorite tea and dive into success!

“The great end of life is not knowledge, but action.”  Thomas Fuller


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