Find Out What’s Holding You Back

I just spent three fabulous days in Miami at Fabienne Fredrickson’s Inner Game of Abundance Retreat. I had no idea what to really expect, but I know that I walked away with a completely different perspective on what has held me back. And part of that is just being fully honest with who I am and where I am coming from. So, I wanted to share part of that experience with all of you. While I can’t bottle up three glorious days with a 100 likeminded people, I can give you a taste and encourage you to get on Fabienne’s email list so you can be sure to attend the next retreat like this:

So if you are desiring more in your life and in your business, if you want to be more successful, make more money and do even bigger things and simply put – you just aren’t right now – then it is time to take a look at what is holding you back. What is keeping you from playing big and instead just playing small? Ask yourself what is holding you back? I mean really holding you back? Where is it coming from? Where is the belief? The fear? What is the thought that keeps you from growing and moving forward and being all that you are meant to be?

This was such an incredible experience with a great revelation for me. I know fully what I need to do to move forward. I know that it is time for all of you to see more of me and the real me at that!

Fabienne’s next retreat isn’t for months to come, so if you’d like MORE information about what’s holding you and your business back – well I’d love to get you started!


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