Stepping Up and Stepping In

It is so easy to get caught up in the mundane tasks of our daily lives and business that we stop working on what is really important and what will actually bring us paying clients. I want you to take a look at what you are doing in your business every day. Keep a log of all of your daily activities and find out where your time is going. Do this for one full week and don’t judge it. Completely do what you normally do in every day/week.

Once you’ve allotted where your time is going, look at it objectively. Are you working on your business or in your business? Evaluate each task and ask “Is this bringing me closer to my goal?”, “Is this bringing me more paying clients?” If you answered yes to both of these then you are on the right track, but if you didn’t, we need to look at this further. Let me caution you…be really honest with these questions. You can say that designing your business card is bringing you customers. But really it isn’t the designing of your business card that is bringing you customers. If you can delegate this task to someone else, delegate it. That is something someone else could do for you, in probably a fraction of the time. If you are working on setting on your business or the infrastructure, you can say that yes, it is bringing me clients – but no it isn’t. Setting up systems or doing thinks correctly is great, but will it bring you a customer today?

It is time to start changing your activities to focus on what will bring you customers, clients, money! That would include networking, asking for referrals, writing blogs, articles and ezines, developing teleseminars, programs, or other marketing funnel materials. Do you see the difference?

A business isn’t about making it so pretty behind the scenes that you lose focus on the sole reason you went in business in the first place – to do something you love and to make money! Your business should be making you money, if it isn’t than it is just a hobby.

Your assignment is to make an income goal for the next 30 days. What is a realistic and achievable income you can reach over the next 30 days and write it down. Now, brainstorm 20 ideas that can actually get you to that income over the next month. Direct actions that you can take to attract more clients and more income! Sit down at one time and write this out – get creative.

Once you’ve developed this list now it is time to step up and step in. It may seem a little scary or intimidating, but I assure you, once you start taking action it’ll be well worth the payoff!

Now go start producing and stop hiding behind your desk and the busy work!

Andrea Costantine – Business Success Coach –


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