Networking: Relationship Building or a Battleground

Networking is one of those things that people either love or they HATE! I have to say that I am somewhere in between.

I love networking because it gives you an opportunity to meet new people, get out from behind my desk and meet potential friends, business partners, etc.

I dislike networking because a lot of times you feel like you are getting “sold” and because people are looking to take from you.

There are many great things about going out and meeting people and networking, I recommend it. Especially for the people who dislike it, doing anything out of your comfort zones allows for a state of growing.

I had a semi-rough networking experience where I left the meeting feeling pretty badly beat up and abused. I was not truly sure of the person’s intent, so I do not want to try to guess or assume. So I wanted to provide some tips on dealing with people when you are feeling outside of your comfort zone.

Networking should not be a battleground, it should be about building relationships and creating a give and take relationship.

So here’s my networking tips:

1. Be more interested in others than you are about promoting yourself

2. Find ways to connect with people outside of talking about business

3. Do not feel like you need to make a connection with everyone. Sometimes people will love you and other people will not.

4. Do not take anything personally – My golden rule is someone’s reaction to me or anything else is ALWAYS about them!

5. Be genuine and be your authentic self. If you visit a networking group a few times and you are still uncomfortable, there are plenty more out there to try.

6. Find a group of people where you feel comfortable and welcome.

7. Don’t let one or two bad experiences stop you and find reasons to justify not neworking.

8. When all else fails create your own networking group! Or even if all else hasn’t failed – start your own following!

Happy Networking!

“You must do the one thing that you think you cannot do.” Eleanor Roosevelt


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  1. 1 Michael Tim February 28, 2009 at 5:35 pm

    I love your site!

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