How Practicing Yoga is Like Practicing Entrepreneurship

I admit, I love yoga….almost or just as much as I love being an entrepreneur. Ironically, I have been finding Triangle Posesome similarities between these two passions.

When I attend a yoga class I can’t help but notice the different levels of practice that each individual has in the room. One of my favorite parts of yoga is seeing people of all ages and backgrounds doing things like child pose or down dog. As I notice each person doing their own thing and pushing their body to their personal limits I realize how similar this is to being a business owner.

As entrepreneurs, we often push ourselves to our level of comfort and then we find a way to stop, do something else, and deter our attention when we get uncomfortable. This same thing happens in yoga, it is like the first time I tried crow pose (a pose where you balance on your hands and your knees are balanced on your arms…) after my first attempt I was convinced this pose was too much for me. But was it really? Or was I just at a point of breaking through my fears?

I can’t help but think how we get to these same points in our business, right on the verge of breakthrough but then we realize the road may seem a little scary. Perhaps I may fall on my face, and worse other people would notice, so instead of trying we just pull back and watch the rest of our peers going for it and doing the pose that scares them the most.

Like anything, we need to practice. This not only applies to yoga, but it applies to our business as well. See it as a practice, as a journey of learning where we will sometimes perform perfectly and other times we will stumble and fall.


1 Response to “How Practicing Yoga is Like Practicing Entrepreneurship”

  1. 1 Anna Castillo March 6, 2009 at 3:42 am

    Oh my goodness….this is so true! Andrea you need to write a book and I want one of the first copies SIGNED! 🙂

    Love you,
    Anna C.

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