ConsciousPreneurs – Entrepreneurs with a Conscious Mindset

Lately we see a lot of word blending going on, it may have started with celebrity gossip such as Brangelina or Bennifer, but that trend has caught on to the entrepreneurial world as well. Lately you see new terms everywhere including Solopreneur, Mompreneur, Soulpreneur, Spiritpreneur and the one I am using ConsciousPreneur.

These terms are meant to differentiate the many types of entrepreneurs that we are seeing. With the current economy, more people believe that individuals facing forced job changes are jumping into entrepreneurial role and doing it with more passion, purpose and intent than ever before. dreamstimefree_1722576

Individuals are now “consciously” creating a business around their values, lifestyle, beliefs and passions. Instead of creating or having a business solely to make money, they found a passion that they love and want to share their gifts and talents to the world in a big way.

A conscious business could be anything from coaching to real estate, but it comes with the conscious mindset that the business is there to serve others and to contribute to the world on a grand scale. Conscious entrepreneurs know that their business has meaning and purpose and more than anything that LOVE what they do.

Changes happen in shifts, we can look back at history and see the different eras from farm workers to factories, housewifes to attorneys, now we see businesses starting not only to fill a need within society but to fulfill a need within the person’s heart.

Every person has the right to dream a big dream, to do work they love, and to prosper from it. The old way of thinking was that you can’t get paid doing something that you love, but that thinking has changed and more and more people are proving that you can absolutely do work you love and make money too! The easiest way to doing that is by becoming a ConsciousPreneur and to deliberately create what you desire.

Being an entrepreneur is no easy task, I know, I have already had one failed business under my belt. But I love being an entrepreneur and a conscious one at that. When I fully stepped into my own purpose of helping others find their life purpose, the ConsciousPreneur connection was born. This is my way to help you live your purpose, by providing you ALL of the tools you need to grow your conscious business. Take a look and share this community with your friends and colleagues.

The world needs more conscious business owners like yourself!

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