Building a Conscious Business

The other day when I was driving through downtown Denver I noticed all of thedreamstimefree_11388782 beautiful tall buildings. Some of them are under construction, laying the foundation, constructing the interior support system and I couldn’t help but to compare these beautiful buildings with building a business.

We call it “building a business” for a reason.

When working on your business it always starts with a plan, or a blueprint. Before anything happens we visualize it with the end in mind, what it would look like, how it would feel, etc. Then we move into laying the foundation, putting all the structures in place to support the business registering our domain name, our LLC, securing an accountant, finding an office space, and so on.

After the blueprint and the foundation is laid out, we then move into creating internal support structures, we figure out the how of the business. For a building, this is the walls, the electrical, the support beams and all of the internal processes that you don’t normally see. This is the part of the building that appears to take the longest time as we have to really ensure that all of the internal processes are completed fully and accurately.

In our business, we may start mapping out our systems, figuring out what we do, and how we do it, what sets us apart from other businesses, and who are market is. Sometimes a lot of this stuff is an internal process for the business owner.
As the building gets closer to being completed, the finishing touches are done – the windows are sealed, the roof is on, and the paint is fresh. What that means for us is our website is done, our business cards are created, we have now created a presence, we are seeking clients and customers. Our business is reflecting to the outside world.

If for some reason, we started the building with the paint, roof, and windows and then went baBalconiesck and tried to do the electrical, something just wouldn’t work. So it essential that we think of our business, we really do look at it as a structure like a building and now that there is a process, a flow, a step-by-step way of doing things. At times we may skip around and over things, but in the end it will all operate much more efficiently (and look better to the outside world) when we do things in the right order.

Building a business can take some time, and just like any general contractor, you’ll probably run into some electrical problems, permits, and other issues. Expect these setbacks to happen, in the end they will all take you to that beautiful shiny new building on the street corner that people are admiring.


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