Go For Your Passions!

Have you ever heard the same message more than once in a really short time period? That’s the Universe trying to tell you something important, and you should listen for the meaning behind it.

This morning I received an incredible article from CNN, you can see that article here http://www.cnn.com/2009/US/03/16/bregman.economy/index.html, I recommend reading it, but for the time being it was about doing what Ancient templeyou love in this economic time. Basically, the author was stating since times are bad, that it is more important than ever to do what we love.

Then I went to yoga class and my instructor brought up the dreaded word we all keep hearing “economy.”  I have actually tried to exclude this word temporarily from my vocabulary as we’ve been getting bombarded with it on the news, online, and in every marketing campaign out there right now.

But my yoga instructor said the same message – in a time where we may become paralyzed by fear, hearing about layoffs, and tough times, it is time to sow love and to really discover what we are passionate about in life. We can use these times to really reflect on what is important to us, what do we really care about, and has our life displayed the meaning that we have always envisioned?

When we look back upon our life in the later years, what do you want to say about yourself? That you were you comfortable, safe, and secure or that you lived the life you dreamed of, that you followed a calling to be, do, and have more than the status quo? Are you meeting your spiritual needs? Are you following your heart?

No matter what the state of the economy there is no better time than right now to start following your passions, purpose, and the deeper meaning that you have been seeking.

Perhaps, if you are not already, there is a ConsciousPreneur inside of you, the self-employed who have come to realize that they have a gift that they are offering as a service to the world. Don’t let fears be the thing that holds you back. Fears are there to protect you, but at some point to make big changes in your life, you have to break through them.


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