Can Women Really Make SEVEN Deadly Sins as a Solo-preneur?

This weekend I sat down to plow through Kim DeYoung’s “The Seven Deadly Sins that Women in Direct Sales Make and How to Avoid Them” and was I blown away.

Kim is the owner of and caters to self-employed working mothers, while I am not a  mother, Kim’s information applies to ALL women (not just working mothers).

These seven deadly sins are so sneaky that many women entrepreneurs are guilty of committing them without even realizing it. As I was reading this over, I was taking notes and ready to implement such major changes in how I even do business. Her seven week step by step and really easy to follow program can help a women entrepreneur go from frazzled, over-extended, and overwhelmed to passion, purpose, and profit in no time. dreamstimefree_2794715

One of my favorite sins that she covers is the first one – taking things personally. This is a major sin in our business marketing plan. We all have to remember that it is not personal, it is business. I always remind people that not everyone is going to like you, and you probably aren’t going to like everyone.

It is just the way the world works.

If you want to download Kim’s free report on these SEVEN deadly sins that women make – visit here! I know from experience, Kim is an incredible entrepreneur herself and practices what she teaches. Her simple to use and practical advice could be just what you are missing in your business.

This is one report that can dramatically change how you do business. I give Kim’s information an A+ for understanding the challenges of women entrepreneurs and actually telling us how to fix them.


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