What are The Top Skills for Being a Successful Entrepreneur?

Many would believe that to be a successful entrepreneur you need skills like business management, marketing knowledge, accounting, legal information, and more.

But I feel that those are all skills that can be learned or acquired. In actuality they are all things that can be delegated to those who are knowledgeable in those areas.

The skills that will really set a part a successful entrepreneur revolve more around what is in their heart and in their head.

Starting and running a business is a challenge, and it takes courage to face those challenges and to not give up and throw in the towel.

I feel that the top three skills for an entrepreneur are mindset, passion, and belief.

Mindset is having the power to control your thoughts when the world is doubting you, when you have to face your fears, and when the worry creeps in. A strong mindset can keep your business going when someone on that outside would tell you it is time to get a job.

Passion – not only do you need a product or service that speaks to girl's eye closeupyou, but you must have passion behind it. Starting a business to create wealth will go sour faster than yesterday’s milk. (I am not saying a business should not create wealth for you, but going into business for that sole reason is not a good idea). You need a strong vision to hold on to. That passion will carry you through tough days and it will be the one thing that will make you hold on.

Belief – believing in yourself is essential, even when no one else believes in you, and you’ve failed a few times. That belief that you can do it, that it will work out, and that you are on the right path is critical to your success.

So if you are starting a business or in a business, forget the skills that can be learned, these other skills are harder to acquire and are detrimental to your success.

Remember, foster a strong mindset by investing in your potential, keep that passion burning with a BIG vision in mind, and never ever stop believing in yourself.


1 Response to “What are The Top Skills for Being a Successful Entrepreneur?”

  1. 1 W. Vito Montone July 14, 2010 at 5:54 pm

    Great starting point!

    Conscious Business is deeply personal and has balanced the 3 “Ps” – people (stakeholders – team, investors, vendors and customers), profit, and the planet (regardless of your focus which could be evolutionary, economic or environmental).

    According to the Conscious Capitalism Institute “conscious businesses” can outperform the S&P…so it is not about size, it is a way of being in business.

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