The Solopreneur – Home Alone!

Most solopreneurs work from the comfort of their home office; if you are like me you simply stumble out of bed, hopefully brush your teeth, and start working in your night clothes. (Yes, I’ll admit it I sometimes do that).

I have actually had people chuckle and say “work from home? Come’on?” –  insinuating that it cannot be done. But really it takes a special kind of person to forgo the Oprah show, dishes in the sink, and to HUNKER down and get to work!

I find an office to be torturous and when I have to be in one all I can think about is escaping so I am FAR less productive in that working environment than at home. I THRIVE working solo, in my jamies, and without the disruptions of office chatter.

But what if you are a solopreneurs working at home and don’t find this to be easy. There are many people thrive in a group environment and work best with the energy of others. As a solopreneur you may not have this luxury, so you are stuck feeling HOME ALONE all day. homealone2

Here are a few tips to beat that home-alone feeling…

1.      1. Set a schedule and stick with it. Make office hours in your home and don’t allow other personal things to come in the way of your work.


2.       Go Mobile. Pick a few days of the week and get out in an environment where you thrive. On nice days, I take a blanket and go to the park with my laptop, other times I’ll sit in a coffee shop for a change in environment. There are lots of solopreneurs working from Starbucks, don’t be afraid to get out of the house and set up shop in one of these places, besides who knows who you might meet.


3.       Get support. Solopreneurs needs friends, like-minded business associates, and other accountability partners. Don’t go at it alone. I have a few good colleagues that I can call when I need a little boost and they call me when they need the same.



4.       Environment. Make your office environment a space that officeyou love to work in, listen to uplifting music, light candles, and put inspirational photos around you. (if you want more on environment, check out my blog talk radio show coming up next Tuesday (03/31) – where I’ll be interviewing Decorator Ada Gonzalez on decorating a home office J )

Being a solopreneurs can be lonely, but it doesn’t have to be. Nurture yourself, trust your inner voice, and discover what YOU need to thrive!



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