Entrepreneurs are Like First Day Skiers…

Have you ever been on the mountain with a first day skier? It’s a challenging experience, you have someone who has two awkward sticks tightly clamped down on their legs, never feeling the ice before, and completely uncomfortable in the newness of the experience.

So I got to thinking, entrepreneurs (at least the start-up ones) are like first day skiers. That first day on the mountain is critical to getting comfortable up there. My best advice to everyone is “stick it through the entire day – do not, under any circumstances quit at lunch.”  Low and behold most of them quit right after lunch that first day.

How does this compare? Well, that first part of being an entrepreneur is difficulty, you may not have a clue of what you are doing, how it’s supposed to feel, you never thought it was going to be so difficult, and then you face all these challenges that you didn’t know existed. Like why is it so difficult to get back up after you fall without some help the first few times around? Or without the right gear you could be freezing, hot, thirsty, or in danger. picture-493

I feel like successful entrepreneurs complete that first day of skiing. When the tough get going, the going gets tough. They know that when you first start everything is pretty difficult until you get the hang of it, but once you do get the hang of it, it will just keep getting easier and easier.

Whether you are on the mountain or starting a business, hang in there, with practice and patience it will get easier. Get the right coaching, strengthen your skills, and find the proper equipment but whatever you do don’t quit after lunch.


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