3 Ways to Fuel Your Creative Ideas! (By Candice Bowles)

I received this aticle today, and thought it was worth sharing! Especially since I launch the 12 weeks mentoring program tomorrow! “The Spiritual Path to Creativity


It only takes one great idea… or does it? Yes, very often successful businesses are born from one great idea but how many other ideas did that entrepreneur have before that one winner took root?

Ideation is central to being an entrepreneur. So what can we do to fuel that fire?

Some people always seem to have more ideas than they know what to do with. Here’s how we can join their ranks:

#1 Allow ideas to breathe – allow ideas to grow before you discard them with thoughts on why they’re not good ideas!

Do you (like I used to) guillotine your ideas?
A few years ago I was reading a fascinating book about ideas, when it struck me like a 10 ton truck: I was in the habit of discounting ideas before I’d even formulated them!  

Ideas are like any living thing: they are conceived, nurtured and can dreamstimefree_6062340eventually, if allowed to breathe, grow into creations that are more wonderful than we could ever imagine! Enjoy toying with the tiniest seed of an idea; don’t get bogged down in practicalities or technicalities.

We have to let ideas breathe before we can even remotely begin to tell if they’re going to grow into anything substantial.  

#2 Let go of the outcome – embrace the process instead of the end product. It will free your creativity.

Finger painting with my niece
Faced with a blank canvas and finger paints, my 4 year old niece wasn’t daunted at all. I on the other hand, didn’t know where to start.

As she got stuck in, I followed her gingerly, making some twirls and patterns that I thought may look like something recognizable. She on the other hand, was more interested in experimenting with mixing the colours! I love the result of her experiment!

And, I realized again, how easily I get stuck for ideas because I’m trying to see the end result before I start. There is a place for that, but not when you are stimulating creativity!

#3 Courageously share – put your ideas on the table and don’t worry about what others will think or say about them. Very often they’ll have thoughts that take your ideas to even better places.

Don’t be mistaken, this is not for the faint of heart
Sharing your ideas can be a scary process, especially when you’ve nurtured them yourself and they have become significant to your hopes and dreams.

But, consider whether your ideas are better served remaining with you, or whether others can help you take them further. Almost always, working in a team is best for any idea.

My mastermind team has  proved this to me over and over again – the results of our collaborations far outweigh what any of us could achieve on our own.

Exploration begins!

It only takes one idea… that’s been shared and allowed to breathe and evolve. Start giving your ideas a little more legroom and enjoy letting your creativity flow.

PS If this area is a real struggle for you, the arts hold a great opportunity. Try taking a pottery, painting or dance class. Stretching yourself creatively in an alternate medium could be the impetus you’re looking for. Worst case scenario: you’ll unearth something new about yourself and have some fun doing it!

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  1. 1 WPDc April 1, 2009 at 6:17 pm

    I like the blog on ways to fuel creative ideas. Plus the 2 prior to that. Thanks, Stephanie

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