Writing for Business

There are many reasons why writing can help increase your business and for many it is often a fun and easy way to do marketing. (I included.) I find writing to be one of my easiest forms of marketing, from my weekly ezine, to blog posts, to articles. I even enjoy writing new web copy. Perhaps this is from years on working a computer and now in a final year of a master’s program where I am expected to write a new fifteen page paper every ten weeks a simply blog posting doesn’t seem to daunting. But don’t let my experience scare you aware from it, anyone can make writing a priority. writing-2

No matter what your previous experience, it can greatly benefit your business, especially if you enjoy it and will make it a priority. Once you get in the grove of writing you’ll find you can knock out articles or blog postings pretty quickly. I definitely recommend getting into a writing flow and writing more than one at each sitting. Once you start writing, it will just start flowing.

Here’s a few tips on where to get content for all your future writing endeavors.

1.     Look at questions in your email inbox? What are people asking you to answer?

2.     Write top 10 lists.

3.     Explain “how to” do something related to your niche

4.     Tell stories and share examples

5.     Do a keyword search in google and find out what people are searching for

6.     Keep up with twitter posts, set up an advanced search to alert you to certain key words or conversations

7.     Do comparisons, like two of my previous posts – comparing constructing a building to building a business or how yoga and entrepreneurship go hand in hand.

Those are just a few ways for you to get inspiration on what to write about. Like I said, once you sit down and just start doing it, it really isn’t that hard.

I’d love to know what you are writing about, post your blog or ezine article links in the comments below and share your writing talents with the world!









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