Business Cards – First Impressions that Last.

Ahhh, the business card. The business card is definitely the first impression of you, your business, and what your company represents. And even with the shift to online marketing, blogging, and tweeting – a business card is still a must for every business.

Have you seen the business cards where the picture or theme don’t represent the actual business, or the ones where you have no idea what type of business it is.

So what does make a good business card? I’ve decided that there are four elements to an essential business card.

1.     Create a feel for your business with what you do. For example, my sister does Thai Massage, her card resembles peace and relaxation, you wouldn’t want bright, loud colors on a relaxing service. My card on the other hand has little connections on it, as I connect people with resources to grow their business.


2.     Have a call to action. Utilize all the space that you can on your business card and tell people to do something. You can put something on the back of your card like “Visit my website for an X.” or “This card entitles you to 20% off one session.”  Make an action for your card, let it work for you.


3.     Clear, current, and concise. You only have a limited number of words on your card so make them count, have them stand out from the card, show how you are different, and most of all keep them current. When you move, change addresses, etc., order new cards as often as you need to. If you buy from an online service like VistaPrint or 123print you are spending about $10 for a box of 200 cards (and if you are serious about your business, don’t get the free business cards with their advertisement on the back).


4.     Make them interesting. It’s fun when you get a business card that actually gets your attention, unlike the standard card that financial planners and insurance agents always seem to use. 😉  The more the card gets attention, the more it will stand out in the stack and you’ll be easily remembered when a person comes across your card again.

I pulled a couple of cards out of my stack and scanned them in, tell me what you think, what ones do you like? What makes them stand out? Does their message come across clearly? (I realize you can’t see every word, but tell me the sense/feel you get.)


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3 Responses to “Business Cards – First Impressions that Last.”

  1. 1 Jim April 13, 2009 at 9:48 pm

    Very informative. Got me thinking. Thanks.

  2. 2 The Mindset Apprentice April 13, 2009 at 10:44 pm

    Great reminder to people about business cards!

    One thing I feel is SOOOOO vitally important, especially if you’re one to attend a lot of events in which networking is common place, is to have a picture of yourself on the business card!!

    Whenever I attend an event, whether it be a personal or professional development one, I usually collect quite a few business cards! They can range anywhere between 10-50 cards!

    Now, in a perfect world I’d have a perfect memory and remember the faces that went with each card! But the fact is I don’t have a perfect memory and for the life of me, when I’m looking through these cards, with no face attached to it, I just don’t know what to do with it!

    Futhermore, when the business card is not clear through a USP or short description on what the business is? Even worse!

    Great post for the reminders Andrea!

    –Sean Patrick Simpson
    **The Mindset Apprentice**
    Twitter ID @vpsean

    • 3 acostantine April 14, 2009 at 12:00 am

      Pictures are definitely great and really do help you remember all the people you meet. I also use my picture in my email signature, that way people always remember what I look like 🙂

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