Getting OVER Your Fears of Sharing, I Mean Selling.

I have come to realize that selling is sharing, especially when done in an authentic way. There are many conscious-entrepreneurs, including myself, that find it hard to “sell” their services. It is unfortunate, because as a ConsciousPreneur you have a gift that serves the world through your business. If you don’t share what you are doing, your business won’t be around for long.

When you start shifting your perspective on selling and start seeing it as sharing, you can remove the internal barriers that go hand-in-hand with selling something. It would probably be a good idea to revisit your beliefs on selling, what did you hear as a child, how were sales-people viewed in your home?

Let’s brainstorm all those selling beliefs that may be lingering around in your head stopping you from being an incredible success.  Take a minute and really think about this, some of the things I heard growing up include the following – of course these aren’t to me, but just what I heard or the things I felt.

Sleazy salesmen. salesman

Oh don’t try to sell me anything.

I don’t want to be sold.

Hide, there’s someone at the door trying to sell us something.

Behavior – (Avoiding the salespeople in stores, etc.)

They are always trying to rip people off.

I am sure I am getting shanked (insert your own word here) on this deal.


All of these little things that live in our heads can really stop us in our tracks when we begin sharing what we do in our conscious business. Be mindful that these prior beliefs can really deter your success and when given an opportunity to “share” you hear these voices.

Don’t be alarmed, many of us grew up hearing a lot of things just like what’s listed above and much more. The point is, they were not talking about you, and I guarantee if any of these people really did the terrible things our parents said, we wouldn’t want to listen to them, but YOU are a conscious business owner and without sharing what you do, you are literally being selfish and withholding those wonderful gifts that you have to offer the world.

Be of service, share what you do, and watch yourself prosper. You have every right to share your talents, gifts, and skills with the world and when done authentically all you are doing is sharing.

One of my favorite people to follow on this topic is Tessa Stowe, you can check out her upcoming monthly workshop here. This month it is about “Selling Your Value, not your product.”  If you have any reservations about selling yourself, you definitely want to check out the work she is doing.


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