11 Easy Tips for Tapping into Intuition and Inspired Action

Part of being a Conscious Entrepreneur is staying connected to Source/Spirit/God and following your intuition and inspired action instead of operating out of ego and forced action. This has been a hot topic in my own life and one that I continue to dive into on a regular basis.

How would you like your business to easily flow from Spirit, and start working on all of the meditatingright things that keep you aligned with your true authentic purpose?

Here’s my 11 Easy Tips….

1.       Meditation – develop a daily practice of meditating. Eight minutes a day is proven to have tremendous benefits, start little by little and add to your practice as you grow.


2.       Unplugging – step away from the computer, the blackberry, and all of the other distractions and disconnect from input.


3.       Nature – tap into the incredible energy and peace that awaits you in natural settings.


4.       Service – do something for someone else, volunteer, send a loving note, or make a phone call.


5.       Creativity – express yourself creatively, what childhood artist endeavor did you love, reconnect with it.


6.       Gratitude – be thankful for all that you have in this moment.


7.       Journaling – brain dumping on the paper, get it all out of your head so you can gain clarity and inner peace.


8.       New Experiences – we are here to constantly experience new things, from learning to traveling, get out and do something new and different.


9.       Connect – to your core self, of who you really are, of your true essence.


10.   Listen – find beautiful music that inspires and moves you. (One of my favorites is loveWah!)


11.   Love – be love to all of the people that you touch with your life.

All of these things will bring you closer to Spirit/Source/God. Inspired action doesn’t come while sitting at your computer, inspired action comes from tapping into your own inner guidance system and seeing the beauty within everything. Integrate these simple things into your life on a daily basis and watch your connection to Spirit grow!

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