No More Working 9 to 5 to Make a Living

This is something I tend to talk about quite often with people who are working on their business or just getting ready to get started. Nine to Five doesn’t exist anymore in the entrepreneur world, instead it’s about 24/7 – or it feels like it during the start-up phase.

A person can easily work 10 hour days trying to get things rolling at first, putting in a TON of time, and a lot of effort. This is quite normal and sometimes necessary if you lack capital to hire yourself a good virtual assistant.

However, the problem arises with BURNOUT. Not knowing when to hit the OFF switch, many beachentrepreneurs work through weekends, vacations, and through dinner to get the job done – especially when working on their dream, their passion, and their purpose. I can relate, I often have to mentally tell myself – okay I am going to take a break. Other times, I get a nice kick that tells me to definitely take a break.

Taking time to unplug and enjoy the fruits of your labor is a necessary part of the entrepreneurial journey. Otherwise, we risk our health, our relationships, and our creativity. All of these things need nurturing and being in ACTION mode 100% of the time will take its toll.

Do what you need to do to take a break, get outside, enjoy a day. Give yourself permission. Besides, you’re the boss, you can easily approve your day off.

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