The Entrepreneurial Monkey-See Monkey-Do Effect

I’ve noticed a trend with entrepreneurs, I call it the “Monkey-See, Monkey-Do” effect. I admit, I’m guilty myself. I see someone doing something, it looksmonkey like it works so I go and try it out myself. That’s how we learn right?! Right?

As children we learn by watching and modeling behavior, it is one of the most powerful forms of understanding and learning a new skill, but when it comes to your business is it always the most effective? I understand that if you see a millionaire marketer doing something, you obviously want to model it. But the point that I want to make is, the millionaire marketer already has a lot of systems in place, raving fans, and followers that makes their job a bit (not a lot), but a bit easier at times. The problem is people want to model these different things, but their business isn’t ready for it. Perhaps, they are not personally ready for it.

Many people out there are running high dollar level masterminds as a form of modeling what their own mentors are doing. I caution, just because you can physically do something, it doesn’t mean you are ready for the big guns. You should always be pushing yourself to grow more, to be more, and excel – but sometimes you have to admit – diving in without knowing the depth of the pool can get yourself hurt.

Startup entrepreneurs often seek solutions to problems outside of themselves; therefore, they model what other successful entrepreneurs are doing. However, as they continue to grow and evolve they will begin to realize that the answers to their own problems exist within them. The “Monkey-See, Monkey-Do” effect cannot help us sustain a profitable and purposeful business forever. There must be a time where we grow and learn enough that the decision we make are based upon our own intuitive guidance, personal needs, and desires.

Whatever stage you are in within your own business, continue to strive to light your own path. Seek new information, continue to learn and grow, but make decisions and efforts based on the most powerful resource that exists in the Universe – YOU!

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