Trusting That the Path Will Unfold

Remember when mom and dad told you to just go ahead and make that plunge off P1010100the diving board, as scary as it seemed you eventually did it, and come to find out, it wasn’t that scary after all. It just involved a little trust that the jump would just be a second, and you would survive.

More and more I see opportunities come up for myself again and again. The Universe gives me an opportunity to trust and I can either jump off the diving board or I can turn around and climb back down the stairs. Ironically, the more I jump, the more diving boards show up in my life.

The other night I was visiting my parents home when my mom ran in saying a puppy was in the backyard with a terrible embedded collar in its neck. I jumped off the couch to go outside to find it, it then started running down the road and we followed it finally coaching it to come to us so we could call for help. We brought it back to our parent’s home and called animal rescue to get it. It’s wounds were very severe, the dog smelled of decaying flesh, was dripping blood, and was severly underweight.

We talked about what would happen and how we could raise money to get the dog saved if need be, during the hour it took for animal control to arrive I truly bonded with the puppy we named “Izzy.” Despite starving and the terrible wounds she was sweet and affectionate. Being an animal lover, I wanted to ensure that she got treatment and a good home. Only visiting Florida for a few more days, I knew I couldn’t take care of her and bring her back to Colorado.

When animal control arrived they told me that they would scan the puppy and if it didn’t have an id they would put it down. Simple as that.  Probably tonight. And if I wanted to save her, I’d have to take ownership of her and take her to the emergency vet. Swallow.

I sat there for a few minutes, my mom and I glancing back and forth at each other, P1010103the man pressing me for a decision. I knew within me that there was only one decision, I had to save her. It was the right decision. Trusting that making the right decision that things would work out, I wrapper her in a towel and went off to the emergency vet. 

On the way to the vet I thought about how I could raise money to get the puppy rehabilitated or what could I do get the dog back to Colorado, who would keep, and on and on the thoughts went. My mom spent most of my life working for veterinarians and I knew a trip to the emergency vet could potentially cost me a lot of money. And even though I may not have had the extra money sitting around that was just waiting to be used on a random puppy found one Sunday night, I still knew it was the right thing to do.

I got to the emergency vet and she rushed us in, they made me fill out the paperwork and take ownership of the dog. Told me what the charge was to see it and so on. I told them what animal control had told me, and that I just wanted to give the dog a chance and that was it. When the vet got on the floor with the puppy, she became so excited and playful with him. They could obviously see that this was a very sweet dog.

After explaining to me that this dog would need consecutive treatment for the next ten days and that the wounds would need to be cleaned two to three times a day, I just kept saying she deserved a chance.  Soon the vet tech came back in the room and told me that since I lived in Colorado they think the best thing to do was for them to keep the dog and find it a good home, they had a few places they could call, and they promised me that they wouldn’t put the dog down. And to top it off they weren’t going to charge me for any of the dogs services.

I said thank you and immediately started crying, it was just another way that showed me when I trust my inner guidance and intuition and do the right thing that everything works out. I know not everything works out that beautifully but more and more I know that when I operate out of trust and belief of what I want to happen, I am rewarded. Operating out of fear could have been the end of that wonderful puppies life, but operating from trust and faith gave it a second chance.

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