Entrepreneurial Tune-Up: Alignment

Have you ever driven someone else’s car? You get behind the steering wheel and you can’t see out of the rearview mirror, the seat is too far back to reach the pedals, and it’s just not feeling right. Or what if someone else drove your car, and moved all of the stuff around and then you can never seem to find that sweet spot that you were driving from before.

Well that’s exactly what happens with entrepreneurs. We got out of alignment, whether we are driving our own car or someone else’s, every once in awhile we get in and things just don’t feel very right. That alignment can really throw us off, put us into a tailspin, and send us running to the mechanic to figure out what’s going on. But don’t worry, it’s pretty normal. Actually, most of the people I know and have worked with go through this alignment period at some time or another while growing and starting their business.mirroar

I know I went through a serious period of alignment issues, so much that I was really worried about what I was doing with my business and if I had made a big mistake. But I just needed to take a step back and really reflect on what I wanted. It’s just like driving a car that isn’t yours. You can start driving it, but eventually you are going to need to adjust the mirrors so you can maneuver better.

We each have our own path, when we get out of alignment it is more than likely because we stopped listening to our inner guidance and started following someone else’s path. When you can reconnect to the life YOU want to live, your own purpose, and the reasons you are here, you will soon find your path again and get back into alignment.

I find that when you do tap into the alignment that’s gone missing things will start to flow, and it really will become easy. If things are difficult for you or even if they aren’t as easy as you’d like, ask yourself “Am I being who I want to be without any other outside influences, is this me?”

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