Money is Energy, For Better or Worse

Not that long ago I was having some serious money issues. I had moved into a state of serious de-funk. The money wasn’t coming in and all I could do was worry about all of the money that was needed to be paid out. This overwhelming fear is paralyzing and trust me, it sneaks up on you like black cat in the middle of the night. sb10062911g-001

The problem isn’t so much the fear itself which can take your breath away, but mainly what it does to your money flow. You see, the more you worry about where money will come from or how you are going to get it. The less money is going to come to you. I know, it really stinks and it seems unfair, but it’s true. Money is energy.

It took me quite some time to actually know this to the point of living it. When I was having my bad money energy days, I was scared and fearful, but I knew that I had to do something to change it. So I first made a decision to make it through that time period, believed that it would all be okay, and worse case scenario I’d lose my perfect credit. In the end, I didn’t die and no one else was harmed. (That’s always my measure of “we can make it through this”). Once I made that decision I started making other decisions that would bring in money, I even did work I didn’t particularly enjoy just to have the money flowing back in.

Within two short months I had one of the best months I’d had in over three years. Although it wasn’t all from the ways I wanted it to come, it was there. Then I realized that three consecutive months like this made my money energy become really free and a few moments I had to stop and actually notice “hey, I am not worrying about money, and money just keeps coming in.” I have to tell you, it’s a great feeling.

So, if you are in that space of worrying about money. Go out and make some money. I truly believe in this, even if it’s not the way you want to be making money, just do it anyways so you can free up that energy to let abundance flow. green-money-lg

A few months after my money flow began one source of money started to slow down, and I could feel that fearful voice trying to creep back in, but whenever I heard it, I just remind myself that I am trusting that the money is there, and remember the feeling of all of the abundance flowing into me. It’s funny because the money has been shifting now to come from the sources in which I enjoy generating the money from, but it only started happening because I gave myself the time and space to free up the energy needed around my money worries.

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