The #1 Secret to Online Selling

Social Media Building Relationships

Social Media Building Relationships

All the rage is selling your products and services online, so what’s the secret? Is there a magic formula for selling online? I think so.

Before I get to the secret I first want to say that you should consider marketing online the same way you do offline. People forget that even though there are sales happening everyday online, you still have to implement the know, kike, and trust factor. Whether online or off, people buy from people they know, like, and trust.

Online selling is still about building relationships; don’t think that there are groves of people hanging out on the internet just whipping out their credit card to spend money on whatever it is you are selling. You still have to nurture your relationships and sometimes online selling can take even longer than face-to-face or direct marketing.

I know you are dying to know, so here’s the number one secret to successful online selling – “sharing.” Yep, you read that right. You have to share information with others, you have to share about yourself, and you have to stop directly selling.

Most people make the mistake of driving traffic to websites where someone is immediately being sold a product or service. Think about this, every time you have clicked on a link of someone who you didn’t know and saw that they were selling something how much time did you spend on that page? Two seconds, five, maybe ten and then more than likely you quickly clicked away. Am I right?

So if that strategy doesn’t work on you, why would you try it on something else. Now answer this: Have you clicked on a link that was offering FREE, useful, valuable information that you wanted, liked or needed? If yes, then what did you do? Perhaps it was a blog that had great information, then maybe you re-tweeted it, or sent it out to your network. Maybe you even gave your name and email address so you could get that free report or free video series.

Are you getting what I am talking about here? Do you see the difference in making internet marketing successful? When you start sharing information online you’ll start creating raving fans who will actually start promoting YOUR stuff when you give good information. People want to something of value and when you start selling to an audience who doesn’t know, like, or trust you, you are wasting your efforts.

Look at the strategy you are using right now online, the best an fastest way to improve on what you are doing is start sharing 80% and doing self-promotion the other 20%.

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2 Responses to “The #1 Secret to Online Selling”

  1. 1 Michelle Salater September 8, 2009 at 11:01 pm

    Excellent advice. Selling online is all about building relationships–too many people fail to understand this when selling / advertising online. But it’s easy to forget when you’re in front of a screen and not another human being. I think your 80/20 formula is perfect…share first, then promote.

  2. 2 Britt September 10, 2009 at 4:40 pm


    I completely agree with your #1 secret for online selling. People aren’t going to spend their hard-earned money on products / services they don’t trust will work. It’s so important to build relationships online (just like you do as a sales-rep in a store) and prove to your prospective clients that you are trustworthy and have transparent business practices.

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