The #1 Mistake People Make With Their Websites

There is one common mistake that I see with about 99% of the websites on the net. That one mistake is simple the people make the website about them. Confused? Well it’s true, people put up a website and talk all about who they are, what they do, the methods they use but they never talk about their audience.


It truly is a critical mistake. I’ve heard all sorts of statistics about how long people spend on a website before the click away from seconds to just a few minutes. I know for me personally if I don’t see something of major interest I am off and on to the next site faster than you can say “website.” Are you?


Think about your own style of surfing the net. How long do you give a website to capture your attention? There are millions of sites out there and as a user we know that if the page we are on doesn’t have we are looking for we can simply hit the back button to the google search feature and off we go, never to visit again – leaving your website a lonely and desolate place with tumble weeds passing by on your google analytics account.


So how can you correct this major mistake? Start talking to the people you work with and refrain for as long as you can from talking about yourself. Follow the “What’s In It For Me” factor. I am sure people will like you and see how wonderful you are, but before they really notice that they want solutions to their problems and they want to know that you can provide them.


Objectively look at your website and ask these questions: Do I let my target market know that this is the place for them? Do I mention their names (Coaches, Speakers, Small Biz Owners, etc.)? Do I tell what kind of solutions or results I provide for people? Or am I talking about what method I use? Who I am? Or my own background?


Begin to look at your website with the critical eye that your prospects would. This is a life-saving change for keeping more direct and targeted traffic on your website – longer!


Oh, and don’t forget to offer them something of great value so you can capture their name and email below. Otherwise how will you ever stay in touch with them again?


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