Four Reasons Why Attending Live Events is Instrumental to Your Success as an Entrepreneur

If you’ve been following me for any length of time you know that I have routinely invested in myself and have attended live events. While it’s a big leap of faith for many, they are one of the most instrumental pieces to incorporate into your business growth.

As I put together the pieces of the November workshop I have to ask myself “Why is it important for people to come?” “What benefit will they receive?” I know that I’ll be providing incredible life-changing value but that’s almost second to what really happens at live events.

Here are some incredible reasons I have discovered due to my own experience:

slide261. Meet like-minded individuals – Whenever you attend a live event that really speaks to your soul, you’ll be sure to find some incredible like-minded people there. During the few days in Miami last November I ran into some incredible people. Those people have now become a part of my support system, they are my mastermind partners, some are now clients of mine, and most importantly they are new friends with whom a bond was forever made.

2. Networking opportunities – I was lucky to meet Cathy Oswald on the shuttle ride to the airport last September, she’s not only a supportive friend and colleague now but she’s also a client. I have seen that the networking that happens at these events, where you are with the same people over multiple days, something magic transpires. The wonderful Jennifer Bourne is the one who revamped my ezine, we met at the event I attended in November. I also know of many others who have also exchanged business after meeting at these live events. The investment almost always pay for itself in the networking opportunities. Additionally, I even discovered my personal mentor at a live event, Alex Sebasttien who has been completely instrumental in my success over the past nine months.

3. Immerse yourself in the information – You get a chance to completely get out of your element and really immerse yourself in what is being taught. It is a time to focudreamstimefree_5682326s solely on you, your goals, and what you need. There is no better way to learn that to pluck yourself out of your environment and separate yourself for a few days.

4. It sparks inspiration – I know the workshop that I attended last November was what spun off my “I Say Yes to the Universe” campaign. I had this overwhelming feeling that I just needed to be there. I woke up one morning before the event and said “I’ve got to figure out a way to attend this event. – I am supposed to be there.” And I am forever grateful that I did attend. The “yes” campaign really helped me step into my purpose and onto my path.

Whatever initial reasons you use to decide to attend an event, there is almost always something more that happens that you could never plan for or expect. I encourage you to invest in yourself and your business and attend live events whenever possible.

I look forward to serving many of you at the Soulful Marketing Experience in November where relationships will develop, inspiration will transpire, friendships will be formed, and most importantly you will get discover what you need to take your business to the next level.

To find out more and reserve your spot today visit

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