Why You Could Be Hurting Your Business

I wasn’t always knowledgeable about energy and how it affects everything in our lives and especially in our businesses, but energy and more specifically your energy could definitely be affecting your bottom line. 

I attend a lot of networking events and I’ve noticed that when I am feeling great and in alignment the heart1attraction flows, and the days that I am having an off time it doesn’t. Simple enough – right?


The problem I see is that there are many people who show up to networking events because they think they “should” go, but really they aren’t in alignment, they may not be sharing themselves authentically, and most importantly their belief is in the kicker. Whether it’s just that day or a period in their life, these low energy days could really be hurting your business.


I sat at a table a few weeks back with someone with this low energy level, they kept their head hung down, barely said a word, and had a dark cloud hanging above them. While I felt empathetic for her, I really wanted to suggest that she go home and reconnect to her core self.


I get upset when I hear people encourage others to “fake it until they make it” because nine times out of ten others can see the faking it. It may be a good theory, but sometimes the faking it is so bad and off that it’s nearly impossible to fool others. Plus when we are out there faking it, our inner self knows and it creates even more in-congruency, even more disconnect and we tend to feel worse.


I have had low times in my life and when I was going through those I stayed home, and now if I have an off day I stay away from marketing or being in front of others. It’s not a way of hiding, it’s simply allowing you (and me) the space to reconnect and increase our alignment and energy levels. If you are going through a low period find things that will help you reconnect to that true authentic self, where you do feel in alignment, where you can feel good about what you are doing and who you are being.


I use music as a way to increase my energy and connection to spirit. I have a playlist that I turn to anytime I am feeling a lull, usually with one song I can begin to shift. Perhaps for you it’s getting in nature, playing with your kids, or taking a bubble bath. Whatever it is allow yourself the space to truly let your light shine. If you need to retreat into safe quarters, it’s okay to do so. Don’t let anyone out there tell you to fake it, I say be who you are, be your best self, and above all be authentic. It’s the authenticity in people we are most attracted to….

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