To Trade or Not to Trade – that is the question.

Trading is a big when it comes to service based professionals. Many individuals who meet someone and like their services offer to trade, interestingly though trading isn’t always the smartest business move.

I find that some individuals trade with the hope that you’ll get a taste of their services and want to pay to continue; others however, trade because they don’t have the cash flow to pay for what it is you offer.

I find trading to be very interesting and wanted to write about when ismooooney it a good time to trade and when is it a bad thing for you and your business.

When it’s good to trade:

  1. You are looking for a person with exact services and they are looking for exactly you. Meaning you needed some help with organizing and they desperately needed your pain management services.  And since both equally desire the others services a fair trade is in order and can be negotiated.

Simply put, that’s the only time it’s really good to trade. There are some other random examples where trading may be effective and work in your favor, but generally speaking this is the best trade situation.

Trading is different than gifts of services. There will be times when you actually “gift” your services to someone, whether they have a large center of influence, would be a good referral source, or you simply feel compelled to work with them and want to do so from a giving manner. A gift of service is acceptable at any time; however, no strings of attachment or expectations should be placed upon the gift of service otherwise it’s a lien on the relationship and that’s not good either.

When is it a bad time to trade:

  • You are looking for a particular service and have something to offer, yet that other person isn’t looking for what you have to trade. 


Here’s why this is a bad idea for trade. Many people (self-included) feel guilty when they know someone could really use their services but cannot afford to pay and start coming up with ways of forcing how a trade could work. But unequal trades equals unhappy people. Most people don’t value traded services in the same way they would a paid service. Secondly, and far worse is the lack of money energy exchanged, but I’ll go more into that one later.


  • Trading to showcase your services to someone else so they can test you out and you can test out their services as well.


The problem with this is that many people who end up trading, rarely ever come back to do a paid service. (And before you start jumping down my throat – hear me out). Why do you think this is? It’s because they don’t have the money.


Most people trade because they cannot afford to pay for the services you have. Which is okay, sometimes we cannot afford everything that is out there, but the cycle is this: when you pay for a service and spend your money you are showing to the Universe that you trust that 1. There is enough for everyone 2. That you honor and respect money 3. That you honor and appreciate yourself 4. That you honor and appreciate the other person 4. The Universe is abundant 5. That money is energy and all giving is receiving in some way


The biggest problem I see with trading is that people get caught in the trade cycle, where they aren’t paying for any services nor are they receiving money for any services. If you really want to “trade” services for someone do a physical exchange of money – you pay them $100 and they can turn around and pay it back to you in a week. This money energy will do you far more good than ever receiving endless amounts of trades and non-energy exchanges.


If you don’t believe me try it. Start paying for what you want from people it will actually help you attract the money into your life.

o’clock and money 

If you decide to trade, barter, or do any type of negotiating all of this needs to be done prior to working together, coming back to someone after services have been completed and firming up details can strain even the greatest of business relationships. Like all partnership and business transactions discuss the details and the specifics beforehand and any changes need to be made along the way – bring them up immediately and don’t delay!


4 Responses to “To Trade or Not to Trade – that is the question.”

  1. 1 Dan Hanneman October 20, 2009 at 6:08 pm

    Hi Andrea,

    What can I say… other than this is a brilliant article! I completely agree with everything that you shared. Thanks for this very valuable article.

    Many blessings,


  2. 2 Rich Anderson October 21, 2009 at 7:29 pm


    Absolutely a yes!


  3. 3 Nicole Hansen October 22, 2009 at 1:40 am

    Very enlightening! Great srticle.

  4. 4 Marie Kirkland November 13, 2009 at 10:40 pm

    Hi Andrea,

    Great article. Especially the physical exchange of money.


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