Are you willing to leap?

I’ve been getting some questions from people who are interested in attending the Soulful Marketing Experience and they want to know more specifically what will happen for them when theyleap-of-faith attend this event.

It’s a great question and I want to share with you what will happen for you…it’s just a few weeks away and I’m gearing up for an incredible event, powerful transformations, and some major breakthroughs.

Here’s what will happen for those of you who attend this event:

*You’ll find the courage and confidence to market yourself in bold new ways that will feel authentic, easy, and fun.

*You will understand who your ideal client is and how to get into their head and heart so your marketing will become more effective – lessening the time between meeting someone and having them make a decision to become a client.

* You will have a clear plan of action on how to move forward in the most powerful way, saving you time and money on marketing in the wrong places and to the wrong people.

*Fully understand your potential and the possibilities that live within you, have more empowering beliefs and thoughts to help you move through any fear, negative behaviors, and into right and inspired action.

*Discover how what you offer is remarkable, unique, and different from other people in your industry and how you can tap into your creative power to truly set yourself a part.

*What your clients REALLY want and how you can give it to them on a silver platter, having them eating out of the palm of your hand, and referring endless clients to you.

*Loose the fear that is holding you back, get the support to move forward, and find the power to boldly claim the success that you crave.

*How to make your business so remarkable, memorable, and “buzz-worthy” that your marketing gets simplified.

*Choosing a niche that will make you RICH and why specialist make more than generalist and how you can tap into your specific market.

*How to use whole person marketing so you can always feel fulfilled in your business, preventing you from burnout, exhaustion, and dissatisfaction.

*The secret to getting raving fans, repeat clients and an army of people sharing what you do, so you don’t have to.

*Plus you’ll make incredible connections with other serious business owners and have the opportunity to network and share what you do.

* And the time to turn within through yoga, meditation, and more and find your true authentic path to soulful synchronicity.

Most importantly this isn’t a two day lecture series. This is a workshop where you will do the work, get feedback and support and create a clear plan of action so when you return back to your business you know exactly what steps to take moving forward.

If you are serious about making your business a success in 2010 than now is the time to start. Don’t let fear hold you back. Be bold and courageous and trust that when you make a decision out of faith that the Universe will take care of you. power

If you continue to make decisions based on fear, you will never see the opportunities that are in front of you. Faith, trust, and belief are essential components for tapping into the success that is waiting for you.

If you are feeling called to be at the Soulful Marketing Experience than make a commitment to yourself and show the Universe you are serious and willing to do what it takes.

Remember, if you always do what you have always done – you will always get what you’ve always gotten.

There is no greater sign to showing your commitment to your purpose and passion than taking action.

Don’t delay, the registration deadline is November 6th. These two days will change your life. Thursday & Friday, Nov 12 & 13 will be dates you’ll never forget.

I also want to reiterate this workshop is not for everyone. If you are seriously struggling I do not want you to sped your last dollars to be here. This workshop is for serious business minded people who are ready to step up and claim their divine power and share their gifts with the world and make a BIG difference in their life and business.

This is not for people who make excuses or who are afraid to take risks, this is for the serious heart-centered entrepreneur only – the person who is willing and able to make the changes to achieve the level of success they desire.

You can register and reserve your spot here today at

If you need help making a decision, let me know. I’m here to serve you and I will let you know if this is not the right thing for you.

Live Consciously & Market Authentically,

Andrea Costantine


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