Do You Want to Leap in 2010?

As entrepreneurs we can have a tendency to do everything on our own and fall into the trap of thinking that we can figure it all out, do it all (from admin, to bookkeeping to marketing), and then we wonder WHY is everything taking so long to come together?
The trouble is doing it all on your own is a trap. And while it is quite possible to get it all done working 80 hour weeks, skipping vacations, and wearing every hat – it’s a dangerous path that leads to doubt, worry and worse yet – burnout.

The biggest problem entrepreneurs make is delaying getting support in their business until they can truly afford it – meaning their business is bringing in enough money to pay for all of the support. And while I agree to this to some extent being on a cash only budget myself, I know the danger it can have on a business owner.

You see, this keeps you in the trap of doing it all on your own and pushing and pushing until you get your income up where you want it to be, but the truth is that if you continue to wear all of these hats, do it all on your own, and never get support you’ll be stuck far longer than you need to.

Support ranges in a variety of ways, from hiring a virtual assistant to handle the admin tasks and the daily to-do’s in your business, to getting a bookkeeper or accountant, or hiring a coach and joining a mastermind group.

In April of 2009 I joined forces with another colleague and formed our first mastermind group. I’d heard about the power behind them and what it could do for support in growing your business. We gathered a group of 6 committed individuals and started meeting monthly, in no time at all we were all on our way to where we needed to be and continue to grow to this day.

At the beginning of 2009 I started off in a bit of a mess. I had no clients, no money, and was questioning whether or not I made the right decision by continuing down my entrepreneurial path – but my intuition told me to stick with it and keep moving forward. By mid-year my business began to dramatically change, I started seeing results, getting clients, and profiting.

I contribute that largely to a number of things. First and foremost the mastermind group, which has provided me the accountability and encouragement to push myself to the limits. And I am not talking about the physical limits, I am talking about my fears. They were there to cheer me on and encourage me to keep stepping up to the plate in which I’ve done every time I heard the calling.

In 2009 I had my first speaking opportunities, recorded a product (coming out soon), hosted a two day live marketing retreat (the Soulful Marketing Experience), and formed my own mastermind group for my clients. Along with having monthly marketing coaching clients, teaching social media workshops, and hosting and being a guest on multiple tele-seminars and internet radio shows. This year has truly been a “game changer” for my business and I know that 2010 will bring more success and allow the opportunity to serve more people as I share my message with the world in a bigger way and continue to step up to the plate.

Seeing the magnitude of my own transformation this year, I am thrilled about the upcoming Soulful Service Mastermind in 2010 that begins next month. I’m devoting the majority of my time to my mastermind members and committed to seeing that they achieve the level of success that they desire in 2010. I’ve created two group options so I can serve more people. Starting in January there will be a Denver local group and a virtual group.

Both of these groups have an incredible amount of time with me and are designed to give you all of the support you need in 2010.

If you’d like to hear the call that I hosted last week about the mastermind group, you can register to receive a copy of the recording at – you will also get the applications for the mastermind group, which the deadline is in TWO days, this Wednesday December 23rd.

I’m looking forward to serving this gifted community of entrepreneurs and hope that you’ll be one of them!

In Loving Service,

Andrea Costantine


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