Hiring Out Your Social Media Marketing (And a few social media tips in general)

With social media being all the latest rave and the “wave of the future,” many people are turning to find outside sources to fulfill this sometimes time consuming marketing strategy.

Because this has been a service that I have offered to individuals, I wanted to check out some of the other people in the marketplace who are taking this task on, and alarmingly I found some scary stuff.

I wanted to write this so you knew what to look for, what to ask and inquire about, and how to do your due diligence so you don’t just get someone who is playing all day on social media and not truly strategic about it.

First, take a look at their personal profiles. Do they have a lot of connections? Are they active? Do people respond to what they say, are they in the conversation?  I’ve seen a lot of “Social Media Experts” who only have 200 friends on Facebook. This seems a bit ironic to me, but maybe they fall into the trap of doing it for others but not taking the time to do it for themselves. While this could be true, I’ll let you make the final call.

Second, what do you get? The other day when I was searching around I saw that one company charged $150 a month for one posting per day. Here’s the thing, one posting may day be good, but what else does that include. Are they getting into the conversation for you? Re-tweeting others stuff and acting like you? Or is this really just a one line post every day? Personally, I think you need at least two posts a day if not three. Social media moves so fast that people are often not seeing what you are posting – just be sure to keep that in mind.

Third, are they strategic? The more the merrier right? Wrong. It isn’t a race to the highest number of followers, friends, and fans – it’s about the quality of your connections. You can easily get connected to 10,000 people on twitter, but are they paying attention to YOU? Don’t get caught up in the popularity contest of how many, instead think about quality vs. quantity.

While there are no definite ways of tracking your social media return on investment, it does help to promote you and create brand awareness. If anything, (hopefully) it’s helping people define you as an expert and experts get noticed.




2 Responses to “Hiring Out Your Social Media Marketing (And a few social media tips in general)”

  1. 1 Rich Anderson January 8, 2010 at 6:19 pm

    Right on Andrea….it is the quality of the relationship that matters most!!!!

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