Why a Prosperity Mindset is Essential for Your Business

Owning a business means that we take on many roles from the marketer, web developer, admin assistant, etc., but the one essential role that we must adopt in order to succeed in our business is the role of developing a prosperity mindset.

Have you ever met the entrepreneur who was once extremely passionate about the work they were doing, but somewhere down the road they had too many failures and now have trouble believing that they can be successful, that they can make money in their business, and can really thrive.

This mindset is detrimental to the entrepreneur for many reasons.

First, it actually repels clients and new business. Individuals with a poor prosperity mindset tend to have a negative undertone to what they are doing, perhaps they’ve even lost belief in their ability to create. Positive, prosperity focused individuals on the other hand completely exude confidence because they aren’t worried about getting clients to pay their bills.

Second, it takes away the “neediness” in your marketing. Freeing up the energy around needing clients allows you to actually be of service to others, trusting in the principles of prosperity and knowing that money comes from God but through people. This allows you to disconnect from needing clients, but creates room for more expansion because you are trusting in a higher source.

Third, it helps you followed inspired action instead of self-initiated plans. Having trust in an abundant Universe means that you won’t feel the need to put stuff out there that wasn’t truly an inspired action because you know that there is plenty for all of us. Inspired action leads us to what truly brings in results, and when you can clear the energy around a scarcity mindset this will completely open the door to abundance.

I’ve had trouble in this area myself, but over the past year I’ve learned to work on my mindset of prosperity knowing that it is just as essential as knowing how to market my business, and do all of the other roles, if not more important. Just recently I realized that I was being tapped to help people with this as well, seeing how intimately it ties into the success of your business. That’s why I developed the Prosperity Circle, a supportive group of like-minded people who are committed to increasing their consciousness and the consciousness of those around them to adapt a greater mindset of abundance in all areas of their life. I highly encourage you to check out the details of this program today, and join me on this incredible journey into prosperity! www.andreacostantine.com/prosperity


3 Responses to “Why a Prosperity Mindset is Essential for Your Business”

  1. 1 Michelle January 25, 2010 at 4:20 am

    I completely agree! Great post!

  2. 2 Mary K March 8, 2010 at 6:32 am

    Excellent post! A prosperity mindset will definitely attract like-minded people – buyers for example. Whereas a negative attitude will either frighten off potential clients, or attract only like-minded ones, which does not auger well for any business. It is essential to always think, act and feel positively, this will directly communicate to prospective clients. Just remember how you felt when you last walked into a business where everyone was looking (and undoubtedly feeling) negative. Did you feel like becoming a client?

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