Tired of Looking Everywhere for New Customers? Here’s a few tips on getting new clients, without buying leads or cold calling (ick!).

It’s the common question, where to find new customers. Ironically, I’m going to tell you to start with your old customers. If you’ve done a great job at providing exceptional service in the past approaching your client base and asking for referrals should be pretty easy. That’s probably the fastest most effective way, but a few of you may have problems with this. You may say that 1) you don’t have any customers or 2) you’ve done an awful job at staying in touch with your client base – so I want you to know there’s still hope for you too!

Some of my favorite ways of finding new customers include a few simple strategies:

1. Power Partners. Find the people who are also working with your direct target market and create phenomenal relationships with them. This means create a follow-up system, pass them referrals, and be a go-giver.  Show them that you mean business, are serious about what you do, and how great you are! A referral is golden and power partners could be the key to your prosperity.

2. Hang out where your market hangs out. Simple enough, but it’s essential. Get clear on who your market is and then go and be one of them.

3. Have impeccable follow-up. It usually takes people quite a few times to hear what you have to say, know more about you, and realize they need you before they actually act. Don’t get discouraged, be patient, and stay in touch with your “hot” list of prospects.

4.  Get in front of your audience. Whether speaking, networking, or social media – start setting yourself apart as an expert in your field. Show people how much you know about your niche and specialty and build rapport.  

5. Be consistent.(That also means, don’t be flaky). Your word is everything in business, keep a high level of integrity and do what you say you are going to do. I’ve come across quite a bit of people who just as you are getting ready to send business their way, they are gone! Hang in there, they’ll come!


1 Response to “Tired of Looking Everywhere for New Customers? Here’s a few tips on getting new clients, without buying leads or cold calling (ick!).”

  1. 1 sarah February 17, 2010 at 7:04 pm

    Nice article Andrea! I think there’s a lot to be said for using tools; ie Customer Relationship Management tools and mailing lists to maintain a good connection with existing customers.

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