Be DIFFERENT. Stop following the mold.

There’s only one way to stand out in a crowded marketplace and that’s to be different.

It’s a dangerous path to think that following or modeling what other people are doing and using it as your own will help you stand out. While I do agree and recommend that you should see the current trends, what’s working and is effective and integrate it into your business – however, I do advise that whatever you do, that you do it in such a way that it really helps you stand out from the crowd!

Fitting in and following the status quo won’t make the big splash that you need to really create a buzz. To be remarkable you’ve got to do things a little different and I don’t mean you need to be grandiose, I simply mean that you just add more YOU into your business.
Each and every one of you is remarkable in your own unique way, are you letting that shine through? I find that many people hold back and withhold themselves and for fear of rejection or some other scenario that they don’t really let people know how remarkable they are! Don’t let this happen to you.

Be the best that you can be, and let it show! Remark-ability goes a long-long way. I believe there is no faster way to grow your business than to truly over-deliver, provide exceptional service, and gain a following of RAVING FANS!

If you are wondering how to do all of this, start with stepping up your service. Implement some systems so when someone comes into your pipeline that you immediately follow a remarkable service plan! And if you really need help, stay tuned as I’ve been working on a BIG project that’s sure to knock your sox off…more to come in February! J


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