Are you ready to become sensational??!!!

Did you know that a person needs to hear from you anywhere between seven and twenty-seven times before they decide to do business with you? Did you know that the majority of business owners give up just before they reach that point with a potential client?

These are common marketing statistics that individuals often forget about, leaving you, the business owner,  feeling like you are wasting your time and energy. But what if there was a way to serve your prospects and clients in a fun and easy way that was guaranteed to bring you more profit to your bottom line?

Well, it’s possible and so excited to share with you that I’ve teamed up with Sabrina Risley of Behind the Moon, Inc to sharing these secrets on our upcoming program “Service to Sensational.”

If you’ve been following me for the last six months you’ve seen that my business has skyrocketed and grown with very little effort – creating a grassroots effect loaded with referrals and repeat business.

I’ve seen how a service mindset along with effective follow-up, being a go-giver, and connector can quickly shift your business.

What I’ve realized is that service doesn’t have to be hard, nor complicated. In fact it should be simple, easy, and fun. 

In Service to Sensational we will be sharing tips on how to stop making the mistake of finding a prospect, following up once or twice and then letting them go and instead finding the right people, keep them in your pipeline and never let them disappear or forget about you.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level through sensational service than visit

Just know that creating a consistent service plan that keeps you in front of your market does three very important things for your business growth:

1. It helps you reach your prospect the necessary amount of times it takes for them to make a decision. That means when they are ready to make a purchase – you are there just waiting for them. Unlike so many others who walk away just before that person was ready to make a purchase. You see when you give up on a prospect and walk away, you’ve done half the work and along comes a competitor in your industry and since you’ve already prepped the prospect – they’ll get the sale – because they are right there!

2. It’s about being a giver. It’s not ALL about getting a sale, it’s also about connecting other people to resources and helping them to grow their business or get their needs met when you aren’t the person to meet them. This builds incredible trust and shows that you really care about the people in your world.

3.  It builds your referral base. When you stay in touch with people on a consistent basis those people will trust you, so even if they don’t need your services they will always remember you when someone else comes along who does.  Staying in touch and creating an effective follow up system also gives you the open door to ASK for business when you want to. When you don’t stay in touch and call to ask for something it just looks like you are a taker, and nobody likes a taker.

Join Sabrina and myself  in this incredible two-part tele-seminar series on how to go from Service to Sensational. We’ll be providing everything you need to know on how to create an effective service plan, set yourself apart in the market place, become remarkable, and get an army of raving fans and referrals!  Including scripts, sample emails and loads of resources! It’s a complete system to get you started right away and start growing your business in a more fun and authentic way!

This tele*seminar series is being offered at a ridiculously low price – only $49.  That’s right, this price is going to double or maybe even triple after March, so go online today and reserve your spot in this one-time only series “Service to Sensational.”


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