Just Be It!

You’ve probably heard me say more than once that Soulful Marketing is about a way of “being” and not a marketing state of “doing.” Unlike, most big marketers I use a different strategy for helping people grow their business – from a soul’s expression perspective. I spent years struggling to find purposeful and meaningful life work, and I don’t want to throw that all away to use marketing plans and systems that don’t feed my spirit, feel robotic, and that don’t light me up. As I continue my own path to learn, grow, evolve, and expand I get more confirmation on how your marketing is truly about a way of “being.” It’s not that you don’t have to do the things to market your business – blogs, newsletter, social media, but none of that matter if who you are being isn’t attractive. Have you ever stopped and thought about how others see you? I’m not talking about worrying what other people think of you, I am asking about how they “see” you. If you saw Avatar, it was one of my favorite themes in the movie – when they said to one another “I see you.” Meaning, I see you for who you really are. How does this relate to your business? Because if your prospects are seeing you for who you really are, it’s because of who you are being. We’ve heard the be, do, have principle. It’s one that I hated for some time, because I just couldn’t get it. But the more I have stepped into “being” the more I see miracles and massive results happen. Ironically, the more I’ve taken care of myself and the more I look into “who am I being in this moment” the more magical things transpire. You see, its way too easy to get lost in the doing. But I want you to think about the last interaction you had with someone, do you remember the last time you had a connection with someone? Were compelled to find out Tmore about their work? Or were moved to action to work with them? Was it anything they did, or was it who they were being? Many people forget that their energy, and what other people see is really the reason are businesses fill up, we get more clients, and we succeed. Ask yourself what energy are you putting out there? One of need? Lack? Failure? Or Fear? Or one of life, hope, dreams, or empowerment? Change the way you are being and you’ll see an amazing shift in results in what you are doing. You can find out more about my way of being in marketing by visiting http://www.andreacostantine.com/soulful


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