Staying True to Your Values While Competing in Today’s Market

A beautiful question was submitted by one of my readers that said “how do you stay true to values while competing in this market?”

It actually saddens me to think that some may feel that they need to cave into their values and beliefs because of what is happening in  the  external world about them. Good market or bad, staying true to your values is the only option in my opinion. 

It reminds me of my ten years in the mortgage business, when things were booming and good and     business was so easy to come by. Pipelines were full and anyone could qualify for a loan with a  steady job and a reasonable income. Ironically, business was good – so good that people lost touch with their values from bankers to brokers to the consumer. A foundational part of the housing crumble is that good people during a good economy forgot their values.

Ironically, those brokers and bankers who are still around today and who are thriving are likely the ones who saw through the bad values we saw just a few years ago. And through their care and concern of the people they work with are still providing reputable services.

Taking this into context of your own business – staying true to your own values is exactly HOW you compete in today’s market. As some may embrace fear by using tricky words, convincing behaviors, and being pushy to make a buck – staying true to who you are and what you value is sure to set you apart.

Being true to yourself is the only way to go and grow. A business created from a place of deceit, trickery, or lies is sure to crumble at some point. There’s no point in being something you are not – believing that you have to compromise your values to succeed implies to me a direct disconnection to a higher power – of where all good things come.

Tap into who you are and SHARE it with the world!

I’d love to hear your own stories about working from your values.


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