Friday Featured Client Spotlight – Lizzy Driscoll, Live Well International

“Passionate, compassionate, and energetic” – these are just three of the words I’d use to describe Lizzy Driscoll of Live Well International.  With a heart of gold, and a path of service, Lizzy finds her place by helping others live healthier lives on a cellular level – both physically and emotionally.

Lizzy and I first crossed paths about seven months ago and I recently decided to take her up on her 5 day reset challenge – to jumpstart a spring weight loss plan, cut out the carbs, get more energy and increase my sleep. Lizzy was unbelievably supportive throughout the process offering me tips on well-being and self-care to make it through the process.

Her passion for her work, her compassion for others to achieve what they desire, and her uncanny ability to create the space for people make Lizzy an incredible choice for emotional and physical healing.

She holds five week health challenges, jam-packed with nutrition, support, and information, along with offering a wide variety of supplements and foods for weight-loss. Additionally, she is now offering a complete emotional healing experience to ensure your success with your goals.  Here what others have said about Lizzy:

The Bootcamp was awesome!  Lizzy is a great coach!  I absolutely love the way she and Ben Kroger, my NEW personal trainer, have come together to design a program that worked for me!  I really liked that there were several others in the program, who made it even more fun and helped increase my commitment and focus.  The Bootcamp, with the help of the USANA supplements, was not only reasonably priced, but also helped me improve my physical health and as a bonus lose some unwanted pounds!  I cannot believe it… I’ve lost my cravings while on the program, and can now say this allows ME to be more in control of ME!

Carol Griffin

Griffin Financial Services

Financial Advisor

Whether you have a goal to lose weight, increase your energy, or improve your overall wellness – contact Lizzy Driscoll at


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