Five Surefire Signs You Need a Mentor

One of the biggest mistakes I see entrepreneurs and business owners make in growing their business is doing everything on their own. Whether they think they cannot afford it or don’t see the value in it – a mentor is a faster and more effective way to grow your business – with a lot less effort too!

A mentor is someone who can see the blind spots in your business, the loopholes in your mindset, and the hidden treasures that await you. It’s surprising to me that so many individuals put off getting help from an outside source until they are at a breaking point.

But here are five surefire signs you need a mentor. If you find you fit into one or more of these categories, reach out to someone to start moving forward – faster today.

1. You’ve capped your income – you’ve stayed at the same income level for six months or more and haven’t seen a way to earn more without trading more dollars for hours.

2. You’re business isn’t growing or moving forward (or it’s happening at a snail’s pace) –  in addition to finances, this could mean that you aren’t been seen or noticed in your industry, that you haven’t made a significant jump from the year before, or that you’re stuck offering and doing the same thing without any improvements

3. You feel burned-out, overwhelmed, or are spinning your wheels.

4. You are lacking in knowledge or know-how on ways to get your business out there, grow, expand, or earn more money.

5. The things you are offering are no longer working as they once were.

You can find yourself needing support in one or all of these areas, the important thing to note is that you can move faster and with more ease if you hire a mentor or a coach to help you get there. A mentor provides accountability, encouragement, support, and a direct push into your un-comfort zone, where the exact place resides for you to grow in all ways.


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