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Five Surefire Signs You Need a Mentor

One of the biggest mistakes I see entrepreneurs and business owners make in growing their business is doing everything on their own. Whether they think they cannot afford it or don’t see the value in it – a mentor is a faster and more effective way to grow your business – with a lot less effort too!

A mentor is someone who can see the blind spots in your business, the loopholes in your mindset, and the hidden treasures that await you. It’s surprising to me that so many individuals put off getting help from an outside source until they are at a breaking point.

But here are five surefire signs you need a mentor. If you find you fit into one or more of these categories, reach out to someone to start moving forward – faster today.

1. You’ve capped your income – you’ve stayed at the same income level for six months or more and haven’t seen a way to earn more without trading more dollars for hours.

2. You’re business isn’t growing or moving forward (or it’s happening at a snail’s pace) –  in addition to finances, this could mean that you aren’t been seen or noticed in your industry, that you haven’t made a significant jump from the year before, or that you’re stuck offering and doing the same thing without any improvements

3. You feel burned-out, overwhelmed, or are spinning your wheels.

4. You are lacking in knowledge or know-how on ways to get your business out there, grow, expand, or earn more money.

5. The things you are offering are no longer working as they once were.

You can find yourself needing support in one or all of these areas, the important thing to note is that you can move faster and with more ease if you hire a mentor or a coach to help you get there. A mentor provides accountability, encouragement, support, and a direct push into your un-comfort zone, where the exact place resides for you to grow in all ways.

Friday Featured Client Spotlight – Sabrina Risley

When I first met Sabrina Risley I knew right away that she was someone who was serious about her business and where she wanted to go with it.  Sabrina is a determined, committed, and gifted entrepreneur who knows how to skillfully connect others and lead them to more business growth.

Her company, Behind The Moon Inc., is approaching its sixth year and each year it grows more exponentially hosting more networking events, bigger crowds at each event and by supporting others with resources to help one another.

Her business motto: “Grow your business by helping others grow theirs” – Sabrina is a true example of this belief. She’s a connector, a go-giver, and has a true service-mindset.

She’s passionate about her network and helping others succeed. A natural mentor, a speaker, and an entrepreneur, Sabrina brings heart and soul to the business world of networking.

Behind the Moon social networking events now cover over 13 locations throughout the Denver Metro area, along with referral groups spread out through the Front Range. Additionally, Behind the Moon offers classes, seminars, and workshops to support its members and the community.  Be sure to check out what Sabrina is up to at and visit one of her many local events.

Seriously: How bad do you really want it?

The other day I had a sad realization when I heard about someone’s yet again failures and heart break in their business. My first reaction was guilt. Guilt for not having a hard time, guilt for bringing in more money than this person, and guilt that I am no longer struggling.

Then the second thought that came to me was to help and rescue this person, spout out all the things that they could do differently, and what I can suggest to help them grow. But then I stopped myself and had the sinking realization that sometimes I want success for my clients more than they want it for themselves.

Sadly, I kept my mouth closed as I processed this feeling o f realizing that I wanted success more for them than maybe they wanted it for themselves. I held back in spouting all the ways they could market themselves, turn within for divine guidance, trust in the principles of prosperity, and drop the lack mentality.  Feeling guilt come again for not giving them a laundry list of things to do, the same things I’ve repeated to them over and over again.

But that’s my point – you see sometimes we do want success for others more than they actually want it for themselves and it’s at this very point that you can no longer do or so anything to make a difference for them. They must first get to the place of really, really, really wanting something. Wanting it so badly in their lives that their willing to do whatever it takes and I do mean whatever it takes to gain that success, to get those clients, to create endless wealth, and multiple streams of income or whatever it may be. But until then, they will continue to get the same results.

So I ask YOU, and I’m serious, how bad do you really want it?

There are three things that show that you do: decision, commitment, and (uncomfortable) action.

First, you’ve got to make a decision that you want it and that you’ll achieve it. This means you are clear about what you desire, what level of success that you want, how much money you want to earn, and what you want to contribute to this world and then you throw out any of the Plan B’s, C’s or D’s.  Instead of saying “I want success” you move into “I am success” and you start acting like it. A decision means believing you can do it and stopping at nothing until you achieve it.

Second, you’ve got to be 150% committed. I wouldn’t even say 100% is good enough in the entrepreneurial game. Commitment consists of both a mental attitude and a physical willingness to do what it takes. Without commitment you are likely to hold back in your marketing, hold off on launching  a product or service that will bring you more profit, waffle in your belief in yourself or let a bad week or month take you down.

Lastly, you’ve got to take relentless uncomfortable and purposeful action. We can all keep ourselves busy eight-to-ten hours a day doing pointless work, administrative tasks, or other things that maybe don’t even need to be done. But if you really really want what you say you want you must take uncomfortable and purposeful action on a daily, if not HOURLY basis.

What you focus on – expands. If you are only focusing on the small menial tasks in your business, that’s all you’ll have. If all you focus on is growth, expansion, and bringing in more profit and money – then that’s what you’ll get too.  (These are always the uncomfortable and purposeful action steps).

This is your wake up call. It’s time. You can do this. You can create the life you’ve dreamed of, but not if you don’t really really want it.  Drop the excuses, show the Universe you are serious, get out of your head, get out of your way and get into the un-comfort zone and grow, grow, grow!

Friday Featured Client Spotlight – Kris Jordan, Garvin Sewer Service

A smile that sparkles and a soul that shines; Kris Jordan is all heart and soul in her family business. Garvin Sewer Service is celebrating their 70th anniversary this summer – the #1 plumbing and drain cleaning service in the Denver area, they care about their customers and have endless stories of saving them hundreds or thousands of dollars on unnecessary plumbing fixes or solution.

Kris serves as head of the Sales and Marketing department and has a great vision of service, passion, and plumbing. It’s hard to find someone who cares so deeply about their customers that she rarely meets face to face, but Kris does and it shows. She’s passionate about helping people save money and find reasonable solutions to otherwise big problems.

She’s the type of person who can light up a room, make everyone laugh, and rally up the troops. She once told me “we’re number one in the number two business.”  Her humor and passion shine through in everything that she does.

Personally, she’s devoted to helping children in need, loves volunteer work, and getting her hands on anything creative. She’s a fantastic writer and a talented woman overall.

Currently, she’s been planning the 70th anniversary celebration open house on Thursday, June 3rd.

To find out  more about Kris Jordan and Garvin Sewer Service visit here and by the way “they clean drains, not bank accounts.”

Simple Tips for Increasing Your Blog Readership

First of all, the best kept blog in your industry isn’t going to serve you very well. The majority of time I see people make a few common mistakes with their blog. First, they don’t let people know about it – it’s hidden on their website, not connected to their site, or they just plan don’t mention it. Second, they don’t have an RSS reader and third, they aren’t consistent.

Here are a few simple tips on increasing your blog readership:

1.  Post your blog everywhere! Add your blog to blog directories, have it feed into Networked Blogs in Facebook, add it to your Linked In profile, put a link to it in your signature line in your email.

2. Drive traffic there with each new posts. Every time you post you should post about it on your different social networks and drive traffic back to it.

3. Add an RSS reader to your site and make it VERY visible and easy for people to subscribe to your blog – that way they get notified every time you have a new posting.

4. Grab traffic by posting on other people’s blogs with interesting comments.

5. Create a blogging circle with a few other colleagues that blog and comment on their posts and “Digg or Stumble Upon” it to get outside traffic. (These sites let you rate the posts)

6. Post interesting content on a regular and consistent basis. Whether once a week or every day, the key is consistency.

7. Engage your readers, ask your readers to comment on your blog and participate in the conversation.

8. Poll your readers and write content based on their questions.

9. Propose to be a guest blogger on someone else’s blog.

A blogging expert I highly recommend is Michelle Salater and her team at Written By Sumer

Staying True to Your Values While Competing in Today’s Market

A beautiful question was submitted by one of my readers that said “how do you stay true to values while competing in this market?”

It actually saddens me to think that some may feel that they need to cave into their values and beliefs because of what is happening in  the  external world about them. Good market or bad, staying true to your values is the only option in my opinion. 

It reminds me of my ten years in the mortgage business, when things were booming and good and     business was so easy to come by. Pipelines were full and anyone could qualify for a loan with a  steady job and a reasonable income. Ironically, business was good – so good that people lost touch with their values from bankers to brokers to the consumer. A foundational part of the housing crumble is that good people during a good economy forgot their values.

Ironically, those brokers and bankers who are still around today and who are thriving are likely the ones who saw through the bad values we saw just a few years ago. And through their care and concern of the people they work with are still providing reputable services.

Taking this into context of your own business – staying true to your own values is exactly HOW you compete in today’s market. As some may embrace fear by using tricky words, convincing behaviors, and being pushy to make a buck – staying true to who you are and what you value is sure to set you apart.

Being true to yourself is the only way to go and grow. A business created from a place of deceit, trickery, or lies is sure to crumble at some point. There’s no point in being something you are not – believing that you have to compromise your values to succeed implies to me a direct disconnection to a higher power – of where all good things come.

Tap into who you are and SHARE it with the world!

I’d love to hear your own stories about working from your values.

Just Be It!

You’ve probably heard me say more than once that Soulful Marketing is about a way of “being” and not a marketing state of “doing.” Unlike, most big marketers I use a different strategy for helping people grow their business – from a soul’s expression perspective. I spent years struggling to find purposeful and meaningful life work, and I don’t want to throw that all away to use marketing plans and systems that don’t feed my spirit, feel robotic, and that don’t light me up. As I continue my own path to learn, grow, evolve, and expand I get more confirmation on how your marketing is truly about a way of “being.” It’s not that you don’t have to do the things to market your business – blogs, newsletter, social media, but none of that matter if who you are being isn’t attractive. Have you ever stopped and thought about how others see you? I’m not talking about worrying what other people think of you, I am asking about how they “see” you. If you saw Avatar, it was one of my favorite themes in the movie – when they said to one another “I see you.” Meaning, I see you for who you really are. How does this relate to your business? Because if your prospects are seeing you for who you really are, it’s because of who you are being. We’ve heard the be, do, have principle. It’s one that I hated for some time, because I just couldn’t get it. But the more I have stepped into “being” the more I see miracles and massive results happen. Ironically, the more I’ve taken care of myself and the more I look into “who am I being in this moment” the more magical things transpire. You see, its way too easy to get lost in the doing. But I want you to think about the last interaction you had with someone, do you remember the last time you had a connection with someone? Were compelled to find out Tmore about their work? Or were moved to action to work with them? Was it anything they did, or was it who they were being? Many people forget that their energy, and what other people see is really the reason are businesses fill up, we get more clients, and we succeed. Ask yourself what energy are you putting out there? One of need? Lack? Failure? Or Fear? Or one of life, hope, dreams, or empowerment? Change the way you are being and you’ll see an amazing shift in results in what you are doing. You can find out more about my way of being in marketing by visiting