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Going Local: Have to Tap into Your Own Backyard and Find Local Clients

With all the talk about how BIG internet marketing and social media is for a business, we often forget that our own backyard contains plenty of hungry prospects looking for what you have to offer. The problem people come across though is where to find these people, and what backyard are they hanging out in – well if you know your market and have a good idea of who your “soul client” is the search shouldn’t be too hard.

First of all – to find local: network. Networking is an easy way to find prospects in your area. But choose wisely, you don’t want to end up at the Farmers Networking Meeting if you farmers are not your market. Find networking groups that attract your ideal client and go there. But remember, networking isn’t about selling your services it’s about building relationships.

Speak Locally. Speaking is another great way to reach the locals, if you can speak at the functions, associations, and meetings they attend or belong to you’ve just earned yourself a star position from being in front of the room. Speaking gives you instant credibility and is a sure-fire way of bringing in more clients.

Social Networking – Strategically! If local people are your buzz, be sure to use keywords that include your city and surrounding areas. Just because social networking is global, it doesn’t mean you have to be.

Partner up with key players. The fact is there are quite a few key players in every city, start hanging out where they do, initiate a conversation or a coffee meeting and see if there is a way to partner up and share in your resources. Key players are generally givers and have built a reputation on introducing others, connecting people, and growing their network. You never know, you could be offering the exact service they’ve been looking for.

These are just a few ways that you can grow your business locally, these also apply to national marketing strategies as well – but use them in ways that work best for you and your business.

Let me know what other ways you’ve found to strategically grow your local following.

What Makes a Good Status Update on Social Media?

There are few simple keys to a meaningful post on social media. I’ll start with explaining my favorite rule in marketing – it’s all about the know, like, and trust factor, so be sure to always keep that in mind.

My rules for posting good, meaningful content online are:

1. Keep it related to your target market. Meaning don’t post about anything and everything, be specific to your market and NEVER post overly salesy stuff that isn’t yours (aka linking to a sales site that isn’t related to your market).

2. Show your expertise. Don’t be afraid to share what you know, besides it’s your business right?! Share tips, strategies, links back to your blog, or an online article that you wrote. Maybe even a video of your top ten…..

3. Be a real person – be authentic. It’s perfectly okay to share about your personal self. People want to know who you really are, think People Magazine, it’s the same reason people watch celebrities, we want to know they are a real person. This means add variety to your posts, and don’t make them all the same.

How much marketing is too much? When do you become annoying?

Well, that depends and there’s a few things you should consider. Statistics show that people need to hear a message anywhere from 9 to 29 times before they actually make a decision and decide to move forward. So, when marketing a particular product, service, or program has your target market seen your message that many times? Generally they don’t.

Ironically, since we are doing the marketing we feel that we are being annoying and sharing it too much, sending out too many emails, and overdoing it but in all honesty we are all busy with our lives and we don’t actually see or hear every message that comes across. Think about this, do you read every email in every detail that you get? Probably not.

I’ve had good friends who were marketing a product or program and I didn’t even know, I somehow missed their messages, invites, and updates about it. Why? Because I’m not always looking and something really has to grab my attention before I pay attention, plus, we are busy we may actually see it but within a matter of seconds we forget. This isn’t intentional or saying what you are offering isn’t important, it’s more that we just have too many things going on in that brain of ours.

There is a point when it’s too much, usually it’s too much from someone who you’d probably never do business with or don’t need what they offer. But when someone we really like and has a service that we are interested in, it’s generally not annoying. I find that when people get annoyed they probably never would have done business with you anyway.

More often than not people are marketing too little and not too much. I rarely find that someone is overdoing it in their marketing, trust me I could probably tell you to double what you are doing and you still wouldn’t be annoying to your loyal and true fans that are just waiting for you to offer something juicy and delicious so they can sign up for it, but then again you’ve got to get it in front of their radar.

Be DIFFERENT. Stop following the mold.

There’s only one way to stand out in a crowded marketplace and that’s to be different.

It’s a dangerous path to think that following or modeling what other people are doing and using it as your own will help you stand out. While I do agree and recommend that you should see the current trends, what’s working and is effective and integrate it into your business – however, I do advise that whatever you do, that you do it in such a way that it really helps you stand out from the crowd!

Fitting in and following the status quo won’t make the big splash that you need to really create a buzz. To be remarkable you’ve got to do things a little different and I don’t mean you need to be grandiose, I simply mean that you just add more YOU into your business.
Each and every one of you is remarkable in your own unique way, are you letting that shine through? I find that many people hold back and withhold themselves and for fear of rejection or some other scenario that they don’t really let people know how remarkable they are! Don’t let this happen to you.

Be the best that you can be, and let it show! Remark-ability goes a long-long way. I believe there is no faster way to grow your business than to truly over-deliver, provide exceptional service, and gain a following of RAVING FANS!

If you are wondering how to do all of this, start with stepping up your service. Implement some systems so when someone comes into your pipeline that you immediately follow a remarkable service plan! And if you really need help, stay tuned as I’ve been working on a BIG project that’s sure to knock your sox off…more to come in February! J

Tired of Looking Everywhere for New Customers? Here’s a few tips on getting new clients, without buying leads or cold calling (ick!).

It’s the common question, where to find new customers. Ironically, I’m going to tell you to start with your old customers. If you’ve done a great job at providing exceptional service in the past approaching your client base and asking for referrals should be pretty easy. That’s probably the fastest most effective way, but a few of you may have problems with this. You may say that 1) you don’t have any customers or 2) you’ve done an awful job at staying in touch with your client base – so I want you to know there’s still hope for you too!

Some of my favorite ways of finding new customers include a few simple strategies:

1. Power Partners. Find the people who are also working with your direct target market and create phenomenal relationships with them. This means create a follow-up system, pass them referrals, and be a go-giver.  Show them that you mean business, are serious about what you do, and how great you are! A referral is golden and power partners could be the key to your prosperity.

2. Hang out where your market hangs out. Simple enough, but it’s essential. Get clear on who your market is and then go and be one of them.

3. Have impeccable follow-up. It usually takes people quite a few times to hear what you have to say, know more about you, and realize they need you before they actually act. Don’t get discouraged, be patient, and stay in touch with your “hot” list of prospects.

4.  Get in front of your audience. Whether speaking, networking, or social media – start setting yourself apart as an expert in your field. Show people how much you know about your niche and specialty and build rapport.  

5. Be consistent.(That also means, don’t be flaky). Your word is everything in business, keep a high level of integrity and do what you say you are going to do. I’ve come across quite a bit of people who just as you are getting ready to send business their way, they are gone! Hang in there, they’ll come!

Marketing on a Tight Budget (Or without one at all)

If you’ve wondered how to effectively market your business when you don’t have a tight budget, or maybe even no budget at all – do not fear. There are plenty of ways to market your businesses without paying a dollar. And there are plenty more ways that will just cost a couple of dollars!                                                                                         

Now, where to focus your low-marketing budget efforts when this is the case. Well, you’ll hate this answer but it’s entirely up to you. Whenever you have a low budget or a low amount of time, you’ll need to assess where you are the most effective and what works for you and your business. If you don’t know what’s effective you won’t know where to spend your time. (If you need more help with this part of the process, I highly recommend my downloadable workshop, Design Your Effective, Step-by Step Marketing Plan – ) When you do know what’s effective, then here is where you need to focus your efforts.

Just to name a few free ways of marketing – there is social networking, blogs, forums and online communities, writing articles for online publications such as, speaking at local groups or networking events, joint ventures, press releases and other pr strategies, and remark-ability marketing or what I can sensational service and word of mouth.

A few of the low costs marketing strategies include electronic newsletters, networking (some of these are free too), leads or referral groups, business cards, brochures, flyers, free introductory events, and ads in smaller localized publications.

The strategies are endless, I suggest you pick a few to start off with and then tweak as you go along and figure out what works for you. If you’d like to know more on this exact topic and you live in Denver, check out this VERY low cost marketing workshop I’m doing with Conscious360 University.

I’d also love to hear what strategies you are implementing that are free or low cost and that are working for you!

Is Your Marketing Hurting Your Business

Are you struggling to find a consistent marketing plan that feeds your spirit and authentically expresses who you are? I know the feeling; marketing is often the hardest part of our businesses but yet the most critical. 

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