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Friday Featured Client Spotlight – Susan Hyatt, Business Giving Strategies

There are some people who you meet and you know instantly that they are the expert in their industry and there would be no other choice but them, Susan Hyatt is one of those people.

An expert in understanding effective strategies of linking businesses and non-profits together in a way that  brings massive results to both sides, Susan has years of experience working with non-profits to help them strategize.

“Susan specializes in community involvement audits, strategic planning to integrate community and business goals, and designing unique all-win community involvement initiatives. She loves clients who are motivated by the business value created by social responsibility and are committed to Doing Good AND Doing Well.”

I’ve seen firsthand the incredible expertise that Susan brings to her clients, with creative and outside the box thinking, she helps her clients move away from the typical “turkey dinner” fundraisers and into a new way of co-creating with their business partners.

She helps both the non-profits and corporations to find ways that will benefit their business and bring a greater good to all.  I never met an individual so skilled, experienced, and passionate about their work in this industry before – she’s a unique and dynamic individual who with one single conversation could change the way you think about giving of your time, money, energy and resources.

Typical clients include both corporations and non-profits, be sure to check out Susan’s website at and register to receive her free report “Great Gifts That Make a Difference”