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Simple Tips for Increasing Your Blog Readership

First of all, the best kept blog in your industry isn’t going to serve you very well. The majority of time I see people make a few common mistakes with their blog. First, they don’t let people know about it – it’s hidden on their website, not connected to their site, or they just plan don’t mention it. Second, they don’t have an RSS reader and third, they aren’t consistent.

Here are a few simple tips on increasing your blog readership:

1.  Post your blog everywhere! Add your blog to blog directories, have it feed into Networked Blogs in Facebook, add it to your Linked In profile, put a link to it in your signature line in your email.

2. Drive traffic there with each new posts. Every time you post you should post about it on your different social networks and drive traffic back to it.

3. Add an RSS reader to your site and make it VERY visible and easy for people to subscribe to your blog – that way they get notified every time you have a new posting.

4. Grab traffic by posting on other people’s blogs with interesting comments.

5. Create a blogging circle with a few other colleagues that blog and comment on their posts and “Digg or Stumble Upon” it to get outside traffic. (These sites let you rate the posts)

6. Post interesting content on a regular and consistent basis. Whether once a week or every day, the key is consistency.

7. Engage your readers, ask your readers to comment on your blog and participate in the conversation.

8. Poll your readers and write content based on their questions.

9. Propose to be a guest blogger on someone else’s blog.

A blogging expert I highly recommend is Michelle Salater and her team at Written By Sumer