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Seriously: How bad do you really want it?

The other day I had a sad realization when I heard about someone’s yet again failures and heart break in their business. My first reaction was guilt. Guilt for not having a hard time, guilt for bringing in more money than this person, and guilt that I am no longer struggling.

Then the second thought that came to me was to help and rescue this person, spout out all the things that they could do differently, and what I can suggest to help them grow. But then I stopped myself and had the sinking realization that sometimes I want success for my clients more than they want it for themselves.

Sadly, I kept my mouth closed as I processed this feeling o f realizing that I wanted success more for them than maybe they wanted it for themselves. I held back in spouting all the ways they could market themselves, turn within for divine guidance, trust in the principles of prosperity, and drop the lack mentality.  Feeling guilt come again for not giving them a laundry list of things to do, the same things I’ve repeated to them over and over again.

But that’s my point – you see sometimes we do want success for others more than they actually want it for themselves and it’s at this very point that you can no longer do or so anything to make a difference for them. They must first get to the place of really, really, really wanting something. Wanting it so badly in their lives that their willing to do whatever it takes and I do mean whatever it takes to gain that success, to get those clients, to create endless wealth, and multiple streams of income or whatever it may be. But until then, they will continue to get the same results.

So I ask YOU, and I’m serious, how bad do you really want it?

There are three things that show that you do: decision, commitment, and (uncomfortable) action.

First, you’ve got to make a decision that you want it and that you’ll achieve it. This means you are clear about what you desire, what level of success that you want, how much money you want to earn, and what you want to contribute to this world and then you throw out any of the Plan B’s, C’s or D’s.  Instead of saying “I want success” you move into “I am success” and you start acting like it. A decision means believing you can do it and stopping at nothing until you achieve it.

Second, you’ve got to be 150% committed. I wouldn’t even say 100% is good enough in the entrepreneurial game. Commitment consists of both a mental attitude and a physical willingness to do what it takes. Without commitment you are likely to hold back in your marketing, hold off on launching  a product or service that will bring you more profit, waffle in your belief in yourself or let a bad week or month take you down.

Lastly, you’ve got to take relentless uncomfortable and purposeful action. We can all keep ourselves busy eight-to-ten hours a day doing pointless work, administrative tasks, or other things that maybe don’t even need to be done. But if you really really want what you say you want you must take uncomfortable and purposeful action on a daily, if not HOURLY basis.

What you focus on – expands. If you are only focusing on the small menial tasks in your business, that’s all you’ll have. If all you focus on is growth, expansion, and bringing in more profit and money – then that’s what you’ll get too.  (These are always the uncomfortable and purposeful action steps).

This is your wake up call. It’s time. You can do this. You can create the life you’ve dreamed of, but not if you don’t really really want it.  Drop the excuses, show the Universe you are serious, get out of your head, get out of your way and get into the un-comfort zone and grow, grow, grow!


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