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The Seven Symphonies

I would like to introduce you to my good friend Kaushal Aras whose latest book is making a global difference with it’s message of Love and World Peace.

This book is an access to a paradigm shift on how we love that can fundamentally transform every relationship that we know.  Here’s what readers have been saying about the book:

All living matter is composed of vibration. The fundamental energy in this vibration is love. Kaushal has captured the essence of this knowledge in his beautiful book The Seven Symphonies of Extraordinary Love. He lays out a meaningful blueprint and shows us how simple it is to live in the integrity of mind/body/spirit which is the foundation for true world peace.

~ Arthur Samuel Joseph,
Founder and Chairman of the Vocal Awareness Institute and best selling author

“The Seven Symphonies is a beautiful testament to all the facets and wonders
of worldly and spiritual love.”

~ Arielle Ford, The Soulmate Secret

The Secret – behind the 300 million who have viewed the Secret is the privilege I’ve had to coach most of the Stars of the Secret. What I discovered is that they and everyone else is looking not for wealth power influence and money. The Secret is that everyone is seeking and searching for LOVE. Not everyday garden variety love but EXTRAORDINARY love and finally there is a PRIORITY read for every Chicken Soup reader, every Men are from Mars reader, just every single one of us who must locate our own EXTRAORDINARY LOVE.

~ Bj Dohrmann Chairman, CEO SPACE

As my special gift to you, please find below access to download a Free copy of the book at:

Kaushal is also conducting a Free Preview Call on April 19th to discuss the key distinctions from the book.  Please see below

  • How can you contribute to improving world peace starting with you?
  • The three paradigms of Worldly Love and its limitations
  • The New Paradigm of Extraordinary Love and it’s benefits
  • Kaushal’ favorite distinction to re-ignite love and connection in your existing relationships
  • How to embody love, now, later, forever — and create love all around you no matter what happens

And much, much more …

Sign Up for your Free Call here:


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