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Social Networking Tips & Strategies for the Entrepreneur

When I recently surveyed my subscribers I was flooded with questions regarding social media, everything from how to make it effective, how much time to spend on it, and tips to automate. Here are a few tips and strategies that will help you your social media marketing efforts become more effective.

Can I link my Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In account? Yes, you can! You can link all of these accounts together, there are a few ways to do this. One of the easiest (and it’s also free too!) is – it’s very easy to add all of your networks and then post in one place. This allows you to schedule and automate your status updates. The second free option is another tool I use daily. This doesn’t allow you to schedule your posts but you can see what’s happening in Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In all at the same time.

How often should you promote your upcoming events on social media and where? Personally, I post my events to all of the sites that I use: Facebook, Linked In, and Meetup. I also put them on my website. I generally start promoting them (lowers cost events) about a month in advance and remind people weekly at first, and then as we get closer to the event every couple of days, and finally every day for the last few days leading up to it.

What is a post of value on social networking sites? I encourage clients to use the 80/20 rule. 80% sharing information, resources, and inspirational messages or personal content and 20% marketing your services and your offers. What’s of value? Well, that’s for you to decide. The #1 rule is to keep your content related to your target market. Don’t try to talk to everyone, instead focus on the key people and share what they’d be most interested in. Me for example, I wouldn’t post information on being an employee, getting a job, or interviews because it’s not my target (soul) market.

How do I put together an effective social media strategy?  First, you need to know who you are marketing to – who is your target market? Too general of a target market makes for tough social media marketing. Second, create a plan and stick to it. Consistency is key here. Commit to 20 or 30 minutes a day and instead of just window shopping join in the conversation and engage your contacts.

How do I offer products and services in social media without sounding like an ad?  Well, if you follow the 80/20 rule above and you aren’t selling all the time, it’s okay to offer your services. A few tips though, in Facebook don’t sell to someone in your friend invite and don’t immediately sell to someone who you just friended.  In twitter, don’t use an auto DM to sell to new followers.

Evaluating social media – is it working? Here’s the thing, social media works – however, I don’t believe it’s an overnight cure to your marketing problems. It won’t bring you a flood of new customers overnight and it won’t fill your pipeline in 30 days. The key is consistency, it took me about 7-8 months of consistent social media marketing to start seeing a return on my investment. You have to build trust, and sometimes it takes a little longer in social media. Now that people know, like and trust me I have an easier time being successful in my social media marketing, but I caution – this isn’t an overnight fix. Give it time, it’ll work if done effectively!

I’d love to know what other questions you or what comments you want to share about these tips. And if you like this post, don’t forget to subscribe to my RSS feed.