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Friday Featured Client Spotlight – Kris Jordan, Garvin Sewer Service

A smile that sparkles and a soul that shines; Kris Jordan is all heart and soul in her family business. Garvin Sewer Service is celebrating their 70th anniversary this summer – the #1 plumbing and drain cleaning service in the Denver area, they care about their customers and have endless stories of saving them hundreds or thousands of dollars on unnecessary plumbing fixes or solution.

Kris serves as head of the Sales and Marketing department and has a great vision of service, passion, and plumbing. It’s hard to find someone who cares so deeply about their customers that she rarely meets face to face, but Kris does and it shows. She’s passionate about helping people save money and find reasonable solutions to otherwise big problems.

She’s the type of person who can light up a room, make everyone laugh, and rally up the troops. She once told me “we’re number one in the number two business.”  Her humor and passion shine through in everything that she does.

Personally, she’s devoted to helping children in need, loves volunteer work, and getting her hands on anything creative. She’s a fantastic writer and a talented woman overall.

Currently, she’s been planning the 70th anniversary celebration open house on Thursday, June 3rd.

To find out  more about Kris Jordan and Garvin Sewer Service visit here and by the way “they clean drains, not bank accounts.”


Can You Win Her Back If You Made Her Mad?

Women are extremely loyal with girlfriends as well as brands. Not only that, but they tell EVERYONE about their experiences. Good or bad.

So if you’ve made her mad, the best thing you can do to get her loyalty is great customer service. Customer service is often the first place businesses ignore because of the pressure to keep up in so many other areas. But it’s never been more important than now.

If your business has lost a female customer, here are some strategies to getting her back in the fold:

1. Offer a discount to give your business another try;

2. Write a long letter of apology and let her know you want her business back;

3. Make her feel cared about and special – the key to regaining trust.

Obviously these same techniques make sense when it comes to getting male customers back under your wing as well. That’s what is so wonderful about embracing these strategies that reach women. We ALL benefit from a new and effective approach!

If you’re looking to reach the female market, you have to speak HER LANGUAGE. For the first time ever you can learn to write copy SPECIFICALLY for women. Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero of Red Hot Copy is holding a hands-on, virtual series for 8 weeks called the “The She Factor Copywriting Bootcamp.”

Want a sneak peek for FRE`E, grab her information-packed webinar called “How to Successfully Market to Women.”

You’ll learn a ton about the new copywriting rules!
But video won’t be posted long because the Bootcamp starts soon! Get all the details here

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