Create Your Own Information Products to Leverage Your Time & Reach More People

When I first got into the world of coaching I was amazed at the number of products that others had created and what an incredible tool it was to reach more people and leverage your time. Personally, I’ve invested thousands, and I mean thousands in information products. (I have a whole cabinet full!) They are great resources to have and I go back to these over and over again to continue learning from them. I find that I’m always in a different place and learn something new no matter how many times I’ve heard it. I’m always investing in new information products and rotating through the old ones in my car.

Information products contain a lot of valuable information and generally they are less expensive than working with the coach or individual one-on-one. For the consumer it’s a great value, and for the producer it’s a great use of time and energy.

Creating your own information products should be relatively simple. All you really need is good content, an audio recording device (or video), and a fulfillment house to take care of shipping the orders out to your clients.

The problem I see is that many people turn this into a complicated process. They go back and forth on what type of information they want to share, or if they even have enough information to share. Ironically I used to think I couldn’t talk for an hour, now I could go on and on. Each of us has unlimited knowledge within us and could quickly produce a product of the top tips in your industry.

The key to producing a successful information product is to create products around topics that people want and are interested in. Having great information on an outdated topic isn’t going to produce sales, nor help you leverage your time. If needed, choose five topics and poll your network on what they’d like to see next from you.

Whatever you do, don’t delay taking advantage of this type of leverage in your business. Information products are a great way to share your expertise, help you reach more people, and get you working less while still serving more people.

To find out about the products I have created visit

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